June 25, 2024

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Bloodshed in Tavria: the Russians lost almost two companies of soldiers – the Ukrainians advanced a while ago! (video)

Bloodshed in Tavria: the Russians lost almost two companies of soldiers – the Ukrainians advanced a while ago!  (video)

Heavy losses again in Zaporizhia, after a massive Ukrainian counter-attack was repulsed by the Russians

In the direction of Tavria, the Ukrainian armed forces are said to have succeeded in driving the Russian soldiers out of their positions. At least that’s what they were broadcasting a few hours ago.

Great progress or not for Kiev?

More specifically and according to current data from Ukrainian reports, Artillery units of the country’s Armed Forces have carried out 1,316 firing missions in the direction of Tavria over the past 24 hours. The Ukrainian commander of the Tavria Operational and Strategic Group of Forces, General Oleksandr Tarnavsky, announced this event on Telegram.

“Our soldiers are systematically expelling the enemy from their positions. There is progress,” the commander said.

According to Tarnavsky himself, The losses of the Russian army during the past 24 hours were estimated at about two companies.

At the same time, the Ukrainian media reported this 24 units of Russian military equipment were completely neutralized. More specifically, Defense Express talked about a battle tank, 16 armored personnel carriers, 2 2A64 Msta-B, 1 2A1 Gvozdika self-propelled gun, 1 2A36 Giatsint-B, 2S4 Tyulpan howitzer and Moscow vehicles.

The Russian army “put them in” the Ukrainian offensives in Zaporizhia

in the other camp now, The Russian service RIA Novosti reported today that the Russian army repulsed a new offensive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Oryhovsky sector on the front of the Zaporizhia region. This became known through Vladimir Rogov, the head of the local movement “We are with Russia”.

“It’s very hot in the Orehovsky direction – the Ukrainians began to counterattack. Today, at 4 o’clock in the morning, after intense artillery preparation east of Rabotino, the enemy attacked with infantry and armored vehicles, including tanks and Bradleys. He said.

according to him, The Ukrainian army is trying to break through the Russian defensive positions and seize the trenches in the front line of defense.

“Russian artillery and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) clashed with soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the outskirts. Fierce battles continue.” he wrote.

On Thursday, a day before, the Ukrainian army attempted a large-scale offensive using tanks in the Orehovsky direction, however, RIA Novosti reported that Russian soldiers managed to stop the Ukrainian operation near the village of Rabotino.

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Rogov added a few hours ago that the Kiev army was later forced to regroup due to the heavy losses it had incurred.

In conclusion, let us recall that not many days have passed since Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke publicly about ‘clear disappointment’ Ukrainian counterattack in the West.