July 22, 2024

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Malaysia: The concert was canceled because Matty Healy kissed the bass player

Malaysia: The concert was canceled because Matty Healy kissed the bass player

A concert in Malaysia came to a screeching halt when, from the stage, Matti Healy attacked first the country’s anti-LGBTQ+ community laws, then kissed the band’s bass player.

organizers From the Malaysian Festival Good Vibes – which canceled after the incident – said in a statement that the 1975 concert was halted due to “failure to comply with local performance guidelines”.

In particular, during the performance in Kuala Lumpur, the singer of “1975”, Matty HealyCivilized Malaysia laws under Homosexuality in the Asian country is a crime.

She then kisses guitarist Ross McDonald on stage. A little later, after they finished their song, he became the leader of the band Stop the party Reporting that the festival organizers have ordered off the stage.

In videos posted on social media, Healy can be seen kissing the guitarist in front of an audience at the Good Vibes music festival in Kuala Lumpur on Friday night after his speech criticizing the Malaysian government’s anti-homosexual stance. Homosexuality is a crime in Muslim-majority Malaysia, and human rights groups have warned of growing intolerance against lesbians, gays and transgender people in the country.

“I was wrong”

Speaking to the Kuala Lumpur crowd, Healy stated that the band had considered canceling the concert, but did not want to disappoint their fans in Malaysia.

“I made a mistake. When we were booking concerts, I didn’t look for it,” he said, adding that he saw no point in “inviting 1975” to a country dictating who you could have sex with.

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“Unfortunately, you don’t hear a bunch of songs that can get you excited because I’m really angry,” the striker continued. And this is not fair to you, because you are not a representative of your government. For you are young, and I am sure many of you are gay, advanced, and wonderful.” Then Healy and MacDonald They kissed Where the band played the song I love America and America.

Healy later interrupted the ceremony, telling the audience: “Okay, we have to go. We just got banned from Kuala Lumpur, see you later.”

“A very disrespectful look.”

Malaysian Communications Minister Fahmi Fadil described the band’s performance in a tweet on Twitter as “extremely disrespectful”, saying he would contact local authorities and contact festival organizers for an explanation.

With information from the BBC