June 21, 2024

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“Bomb”: fine – “giant” 300,000 euros for AB Vassilopoulos – see how he stole from us

“Bomb”: fine – “giant” 300,000 euros for AB Vassilopoulos – see how he stole from us

supermarketA famous supermarket chain received a huge fine for hoarding at the expense of consumers!

Fines imposed on four large supermarket chains were announced, with AB Vassilopoulos being fined the largest. He was fined €319,000.

The Ministry of Development imposed fines on 4 supermarket chains for violating the profit rate and with different prices on the shelf and in the cash register, Minister Adonis Georgiadis announced in the context of the “Lenten Basket” announcements. .

The largest fine of 319.900 euros, as announced by the Minister of Development, was imposed on the AB Vassilopoulos chain, while a fine of less than 50.000 euros was imposed on the Lidl, Galaxias and ANEDHK Kritikos chains for repeat offenders.

The supermarket: Arthritis dominates

Sklavenitis has become the absolute leader in the supermarket market, having bought a new supermarket chain!

Success is bigger for Sklavenitis, also Masoutis tried to buy the Gegos chain, only got 2 stores!

Ad in detail:

After 51 years of history, the curtain has fallen.

Gigos supermarket was founded in 1971 and a few days ago went into the Sklavinitis (4 stores) and Masotis (2 stores) chains.

Many thanks to all the partners, suppliers and members of ELOMAS as well as all our employees who have supported us all these years. thank you very much all. Every end is a new beginning! Evangelos Gegos, member of the board of directors of the supermarket chain “Gegos”, says on his LinkedIn account.

Last Friday, an agreement was signed between the “Masoutis” chain and the “Gegos” chain, stipulating that the former would acquire the latter’s stores in Argyroupoli and Keratea.

On December 12, 2022, an agreement was signed between the “Gegos” chain and “Sklavenitis”, according to which the latter acquired 4 of the first 6 stores, namely the ones in Porto Rafti, Loutsa and Markopoulos Mesogaia.

“Gegos” was founded in 1971 by three partners with the first store operating in Porto Rafti.

In 2021, the turnover of “Jigos” amounted to 19.07 million euros, compared to 20.5 million euros in 2020, and the net output after taxes amounted to a profit of 719,548 euros.

Supermarket: Don’t touch these foods on the shelves

How coronavirus and other viruses can survive in food and supermarket packaging. The great danger that we all ignore. what should we do. All details at xristika.gr.

British scientists claim that the coronavirus can survive in some foods and supermarket packaging for several days.

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In particular, scientists from the University of Southampton carried out tests on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), deliberately smearing the virus on packaging and food items, such as bottled drinks, apples, peppers, cheese, ham, olives, crisp bread and croissants.

The majority of the foods tested showed a “significant decrease” in virus levels within the first 24 hours. However, in some cases, the effects lasted for about a week.

“For a highly contagious agent like Sars-Cov-2, which can be transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces and then the face, these results are very impressive,” they say.

The team tested a range of temperatures and humidity levels to mimic typical storage conditions, measured the rate of virus inactivation, and found that the virus appeared to last longer in products with rough surfaces — broccoli and berries — than in products with smooth skins. . , such as apples (although the virus was detected in some fresh chilled peppers a week later).

Scientists say apples have natural chemicals in their skin that can begin to break down the Covid virus within minutes or hours.

FSA scientists say that pastries like Pain au chocolat appear to have minimal virus retention after a few hours — possibly because they’re covered in a thin layer of egg white during baking. Eggs contain arachidonic acid, which may have an antiviral effect.

Cheese and cured meats, which are high in protein and fat, seem to allow the virus to survive for several days, possibly a week.

Covid can survive up to a week on plastic surfaces. For cartons, it may take several days. For aluminum cans, researchers say, it probably only takes hours.

Supermarket: Why Sklavenitis and AB Vassilopoulos “slaughtered”.

In … Knives are two of the largest supermarket chains in our country!

The southern suburbs may have monopolized attention in recent years due to the massive Hellinikon project, but the northern sector is also showing strong mobility, with supermarket chains trying to position themselves where they think they will be able to play a leading role. Starting this week, Sklavenitis and AB Vassilopoulos reveal their investment moves in the region.

The finishing touches are being put on the new Sklavenitis hypermarket, which opens this week in the former Reno Center on the Athens-Lamia Highway, at the height of New Philadelphia.

This is the site that formerly housed the showroom and offices of the Mava AE car dealership, which passed into the supermarket group after an adventurous auction in September 2021, starting at an initial price of 4.05 million euros, the highest bidder that, due to stiff competition, had to get its hands on His pocket, paying the amount of 11.2 million euros.

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The building’s radical conversion times into a supermarket were impressive, with work lasting just under six months, from the moment Sklavenitis received clearance from the New Philadelphia Municipal Quality of Life Commission last May.

The new hypermarket, the 33rd of the group, has an exhibition space of 4,700 square metres. It hosts the full range of departments present in Sklavenitis in its superstores (note: plus a children’s playground), while the total built-up area amounts to 16,500 square metres.

Designed from the ground up in the era of the energy crisis, the group’s first supermarket is very much “green”, with 500 solar panels and charging points for electric vehicles installed on its roof.

In total, the store has 200 parking spaces, divided into two zones, underground and on the roof.

Supermarket: how Masotis “crushed” its competitors

Move – checkmate by Masoutis as he managed to almost completely control the Aegean supermarket market, extinguishing the competition.

The Masoutis chain aims to take advantage of the tourist traffic this summer, which in many parts of our country is destined to reach new historical levels, even surpassing the pre-pandemic performance.

The opening of new stores by the Northern Helladic chain on the Aegean islands is included in Masoutis’ agreement with SYNKA, which, we remind you, relates to the transfer of Corfu stores to Masoutis from the companies Galaxias and Markato, and the transfer of existing branches in the Aegean islands.

For Crete, it was agreed that Masoutis would participate in the company’s capital, whereby the stores would retain their current identity.

If a few years ago the power of the chain was limited to northern Greece, now it makes its presence felt both in the capital and on the main islands of the country.

As stated, among other things, by the head of the chain, Yannis Masoutis, on the occasion of the agreement with SYNKA, “The promotion of local producers and products will – as always – be a major focus of our presence in new locations, since the development of our company is always carried out in terms of giving back to society Greek”.

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The latest additions concern three new stores in Kalymnos (Christo Pothia), Milos (Adamanta) and Tinos (Akti Nazo), which came from the agreement with SYNKA, bringing Masoutis’ network to 343 stores across Greece. The specified stores, which include 11 cash registers, employ 69 people.

Moreover, a few days ago it was announced that two more new stores would open: in Chios (Constantino Monomaho 1) with 4 cash registers and in Milos (central point of Triovasalou) with 2 cash registers.

It was preceded by the opening of three stores, more specifically two in Naxos (one on the ring road of Ijaron-Chora Naxos and the other on the ring road of Chora Naxos) and one in Chios (in the area of ​​Agios Minas – Faya parking) with 20 parking spaces.

During the month, on June 16, a new store was opened in Santorini, in the municipality of Pyrgos in Thira (Central Regional Road in Perissa Fira) with 3 cash registers and 2 parking spaces.

The beginning of Masoutis expansion in the islands this year took place last March, when the company announced its new store in Skiathos, which is located on the Ring Road (OT 265) and includes 4 cash registers, 15 employees and 15 parking spaces.

It should be noted that the chain has a presence in island Greece as well, with stores in Andros, Lesvos, Lemnos and Thassos.

At the same time, the renovation plan continues. Recently, the renovation of the store at Sindo Thessaloniki (No 3 Avenue) was completed, while last month it was preceded by the store at Didymoteiho Evrou (Begeti 10 & Germanou).

In the same month, in May, the store opened its doors again at Iraklitsa Kavala (corner of Crete & Hydra), while last March it was announced that the store at Dafni Attica (Plutonos 36) would be renovated.

In addition to expanding and updating its network, Masoutis is constantly investing in new technologies and best practices with the aim of improving the shopping experience and better serving the consumer in its online store.

Thus, it has been able to integrate into eshop.masoutis.gr functionality that guarantees the customer a perfect shopping trip with the possibility of same-day delivery and coverage in 45 cities.