June 23, 2024

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Borussia Dortmund – Real Madrid 0-2: The legendary queen for the 15th time! (video)

Borussia Dortmund – Real Madrid 0-2: The legendary queen for the 15th time!  (video)

Thanks to goals from Dani Carvajal and Vinicius Junior in the last twenty minutes, Real Madrid beat the formidable Borussia Dortmund (2-0) and won the Champions League for the fifteenth time in its history and the sixth in the last ten years.

In the end, do the Germans always win? Sir, wrong Gary LinekerIn the end he always wins real madridwhen it comes to Champions League! Although he had an excellent first half Borussia DortmundThe Queen “scored” two goals in the last twenty minutes and won 2-0, winning the title for the fifteenth time and sixth in the last ten years (in eleven finals). For the first time, she was undefeated in the entire event, her own event.

Without special problems of absence, mr Edin Terzic He did not book any surprises in the eleventh round, after lining up similarly for the fourth consecutive match in the competition, as was expected on the bench. Marco ReusIn his last match with her jersey Borussia.

basic s Tony Cross In his last match with her TRUEat any Carlo Ancelotti He started it Thibaut Courtois Under the posts instead of the goal until the final Andrey Lunin And the Eduardo Camavinga In the middle of the field instead of the injured Aurelien Chouamini.

Dortmund chance!

The final started off on a high note, with three (!) fans storming onto the pitch in the first minute, with one even managing to take a selfie with him. Vinicius Junior It is safe to do so for centuries until he removes them. As has been leaked, there was a financial reason for the invasion.

The Queen, as expected, had the initiative of the movements from the beginning, as the Westphalian awaited their opportunity well closed in the rear, taking care mainly to dub to limit his movements. Vinicius Junior And the Marcel Sabitzer To fall on it passWhenever he gets the ball.

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the Julian Brandt With a diagonal shot from inside the area, I wasted the first good opportunity in the final (14′), after a pass from Niklas Velkrogwhich was probably an intruder anyway.

That chance proved to be the harbinger of a nightmare quarter for their defence TRUEwhere is the Dortmund He missed three dangerous opportunities to take the lead. And in the 20th minute. Mats Hummels With an amazing deep ball he found him INTEGYME CREAM In the heart of defence, but the young striker did not make the right decision since then, as he was alone in front of him CourtoisThe Belgian tried to pass it on his way out, but it was closed and not in good conditions.

On the contrary, he did so after three minutes Vilkrog Through the area, the ball hit the left post of the Madrid goal and passed painfully to the Germans in front of the goal line, before Real Madrid cleared it.

Real Madrid, despite their high percentage of possession (68%), was clearly not comfortable and partly “responded” with a chance. Bellingham Who was repelled by the defense b Borussia To come out quickly in the counterattack and to him Backfilling To put him in the area to make an impressive save o CourtoisWhich denied the goal that Westphalia undoubtedly deserved.

The Madrid team tried to balance matters, and succeeded partially, but without actually threatening its homeland Gregor Koppelwhich he did Sabitzer With a dangerous shot, it was difficult for her Courtois (41′) after the ball bounced in front of him.

Really wake up..

After the break, where there will undoubtedly be some intense screaming from him Ancelottithe TRUE He came more aggressively, and before the end of the first five minutes, he threatened to take a free kick directly pass Who had a hard time with him couple And head before Dani Carvajal In the corner resulting from a save by the Swiss goalkeeper. He did in ten seconds what he could not do in 50 minutes.

Press it Dortmund It was continuous and stifling, but… TRUE He was now pressing better, as he confirmed with another good chance in the 57th minute, when he crossed the penalty area. Carvajal He didn’t take the shot as he would have liked, with Coppell partnering with him Ian Masen To deter danger.

Real Madrid chose to give the ball to the Westphalians at intervals, who did not seem to have a problem even with this condition, even if they had to go until the 63rd minute to threaten in the second half, when after a cross from Backfillingthe Vilkrog Hits a powerful header – suspicious, with the ball stopping in the right place Courtois.

…and Carvajal scores!

And in the 69th minute. TRUE She missed her biggest chance up to that point, when she crossed Vinicius o (almost invisible in the first hour of play) Bellingham He couldn’t hold the head alone in front of him coupleas the ball passes away.

Despite his constant discussions Ancelotti With his son and partner David, the first change was made by him TerzicWho, in the 72nd minute, brought on the tired Antegime to replace him Roycethe only survivor of the missing 2013 final, along with… Hummels.

The possibility of going to extra time now seemed very likely, but in the 74th minute, the special relationship between Real Madrid and its organization made its presence felt once again. Park it pass From the left, an excellent header from… Dani Carvajal In the first post (!) and 1-0 for the Queen, almost out of nowhere.

The Spanish right-back, who excelled throughout the match, became the fifth Real Madrid defender to score in the final, after Marquitos (1956), Sergio Ramos (twice, 2014 and 2016) and Marcelo (2014).

His goal Carvajal A shocked Borussia and Real Madrid tried to capitalize immediately, wasting a huge chance to make it 2-0. Bellinghamby Niko Slaughterbeck To intervene to prevent this.

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Clearly the momentum was hers TRUEWho wasted a second great opportunity with his mistake pass Which brought him out again coupleby Terzic Playable all for all with entrance Donnie Mullen And Sebastian Alliby taking out Julian Brandt And Emre Chan.

A new opportunity with him Eduardo Camavingawhose excellent shot was saved by a stunning save couplewho again prevented the score at 2-0 with his header shortly after Nachos After the corner.

Stamp the title of Vinicius “Golden”!

the TRUE He deserved the 2-0 result and achieved it with the footballer who now looks like the favorite to win the Ballon d’Or. Massive mistake by Masen, S Bellingham serves for Vinicius Junior The Brazilian puts Copil perfectly in the final 2-0.

Vinny, his team’s most active attacking player, became the first Brazilian to score in two finals Champions LeagueTwo years ago, he gave up the cup to Liverpool. Kylian (Pape), you will have a lot of competition in Madrid…

Now it’s time for celebrations, oh Ancelotti Put it down Luka Modric instead of pass To overthrow both, with Borussia not surrendering, and scoring with a header VilkrogBut the goal was correctly disallowed for offside.

I finally found it TRUE To celebrate the otherworldly and legendary trophy Ancelotti To reach five (!) Champions League As a coach, all seven in total, having also had two as players. The Italian is blessed, but he is also very capable.

Borussia Dortmund (Eden Terzic): Coble – Ryerson, Hummels, Slaughterback, Makhen – Chan (81′ Mullen), Brandt (81′ Alli), Sabitzer – Sancho (87′ Baynou – Gittens), Velkrog, Antegemi (72′ Reus).

Real Madrid (Carlo Ancelotti): Courtois – Carvajal, Rudiger, Nacho, Mendy – Valverde, Kroos (85′ Modric), Camavinga – Bellingham (85′ Joselu) – Rodrygo (90′ Ender Militao), Vinicius Junior (90′ Lucas Bathquez).