June 23, 2024

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IK: It is necessary to improve its European rating

IK: It is necessary to improve its European rating

AEK should aim since the new season to build its own classification by UEFA in order to strengthen its position in Europe and not have to constantly look for overtakes.

The season we had ended in failure in terms of local competitions Eek Having failed to maintain the heights they reached by winning the double in 2023, the Black and Yellows were able to compete in a very tough Europa League group against Brighton, Ajax and Marseille, although they ultimately failed to finish third to continue in the Championship. Conferences.

AEK enters the new season in Second qualifiers for the conference league It is looking for three qualifiers to reach the competition league stage for the 2024-2025 season without… an airbag. As you read in the analysis of Andreas Dimatos, the Union will be particularly strong in the draw for the second and third qualifying rounds, but in the qualifying draw they will have to hope for five eliminations in order not to be among the qualified teams. Underdogs, which may put them facing a major competitor.

the the first goal From AEK before the new season will be the entrance to League stage of the conference leagueAside from the prestige of European participation and income, the yellow and black must improve their European ranking. AEK enters the 2024-2025 season with 10,000 points In the UEFA standings starting from 144th place. AEK is very low, and in order not to have to constantly look for excesses, he will have to strengthen his position again by collecting points that will enable him to participate on more favorable terms in the draws.

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AEK did not “build” on the 2017-2019 European bilateral

Exactly two years ago, AEK reached 81st place in the UEFA rankings with 20,000 points, removing zero seasons of European absences from previous years. It has significantly improved its ranking by being in the round of 32 of the European League this season 2017-2018 Who brought it 9000 points With its qualification to the Champions League groups this season 2018-2019 Who gave her something else 4000 points. However, AEK was not able to “build” on these good foundations they had laid Two years 2017-2019 The result was that today he lost half of the points that he had collected in total until then.

the chapter 2019-2020 AEK collected 2500 points Playing until the Europa League qualifiers. the chapter 2020-2021 Taking 3000 points From his participation in the Europa League group, he succeeded in achieving only one win there, in the following season (2021-2022) Elimination comes – a shocker from the Phillies in the second Conference League playoffs, leaving only AEK with me 1500 points. Because it did not receive a satisfactory score in the three-year period 2019-2022, AEK subsequently fell in the rankings.

the chapter 2022-2023 It wasn’t just that zero Because of his absence in Europe, but at the same time he witnessed the loss of all 9,000 points from qualifying for the round of 32 of the European League due to the passage of five years, while The season that just ended All 4,000 points were deducted from being in the Champions League groups with AEK unable to ‘match’ them as this year being in the Europa League group gave them that. 3000 points. In a way, AEK demolished everything they built. But from this year, she has been given the opportunity to rebuild her European future, with the potential to make serious bids to put her below her low scores of previous years in Europe.

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