July 14, 2024

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Brazil: World’s most expensive cow up for auction – $4 million

Brazil: World’s most expensive cow up for auction –  million

The world’s most expensive cow has been sold at auction. According to the Guinness World Records, the Viatina-19 IVF Mara Furniture It is more expensive cow that have ever been sold at auction, because they cost $4 million.

The cow weighs 1100 kg She has her own bodyguard and security cameras. Brazil has hundreds of millions of cows, but this one in particular is an exception.

“We don’t slaughter elite cattle. We reproduce them. And at the end of the line, they will feed the whole world.” One of its owners said: Nai PereiraAfter arriving by helicopter to his farm in Minas Gerais state. “I think Viatina will make it happen.”

The impressive price tag for a cow comes from the speed with which she gains massive amounts of muscle, her fertility and, most importantly, the number of times she passes those traits on to her offspring, said Loranie Martins, a veterinarian who is Pereira’s daughter and right-hand man. Breeders also value her posture, hoof hardiness, obedience, maternal ability and beauty. Those who want to improve their animals’ genetics pay around $250,000 for the chance to collect Viatina-19 eggs.

“It’s the closest thing to perfection that’s ever been achieved.” male Martins. “She is a complete cow, she has all the qualities that all owners look for.”

in Brazil, 80% of cows as well Zeppos, A subspecies native to India characterized by a distinctive hump and cloaca, or hanging folds of skin from the neck. Viatina-19 It belongs to the Nellore breed, which is raised for meat rather than milk, and makes up most of the cattle in Brazil.

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Uberaba city where you live Vitina-19, He hosts an annual gathering called ExpoZebu, billed as the world’s largest zebu fair. It happened a few weeks ago and was far from the Brazil they imagined outside. The dress code was sneakers, baseball caps and blue jeans. Evening concerts drew 10,000 spectators singing their favorite country songs. But the main attraction was the daily cattle shows, where cows competed for prizes that increased the animal’s price at auction.

The most famous auction is called the Elo de Raça and takes place on April 28. When the first cow enters the barn, the speakers play Queen’s song “We Are the Champions.”