July 14, 2024

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French parliamentary elections: New Popular Front 182 seats

French parliamentary elections: New Popular Front 182 seats

Last update: 11.31

French Left Alliance New Popular Front The new French parliament will have 182 seats, according to the latest estimate by French television station BFM.

168 are the deputies of the party adjacent to the French President. Emmanuel Macron, centrist Together faction.

the Marine Le Pen’s far-right faction, National Alarm, and the right-wing “Republicans” faction that collaborated with her under the leadership of Eric Ciotti They will have 43 deputies.

Classic right wing party “Republicans” It will have 46 deputies, while 14 others will be elected as independents or “rebels” from the right.

Independents and “rebels” from the left won 13 seats, while independents from the center won 6 seats.

Five seats were given to regional political movements, while one seat was also given to an independent.

On the left, France Insoumise is estimated to have between 73 and 80 deputies, the Socialists between 60 and 64, the environmentalists between 33 and 36, and the Communists between 11 and 12.

In the presidential faction, it is estimated that the component close to President Macron includes about 100 deputies, while between 50 and 60 deputies will be from allied parties.

Based on these results, there will be three main political forces in the National Assembly, and in order to form an absolute majority, two of them, or at least their largest sections, must cooperate.

President Macron will make his decisions after the National Assembly convenes and after his return from the United States, where he will represent France at the NATO summit.

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Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said he would resign but offer his services as long as they were needed.

The appointment of a new prime minister in France is the responsibility of the president, but the National Assembly has the power to oust him, if it adopts a motion of impeachment by an absolute majority.