February 27, 2024

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Breathtaking video: Streamer recorded a man falling close to a mountain

Breathtaking video: Streamer recorded a man falling close to a mountain

An amazing incident was recorded by his mobile phone camera Vietnamese streamer on twitchwhile broadcasting a live Picnic on Mt.

This is the bar labeled “masterchem“Who walked on Mt. As reported in Dexerto’s recorded reports A direct link to a man’s near-fatal fall. In the IRL livestream clip that was released, he can be seen walking with dozens of other people to a hard place, which has chains to grab. The road did not seem safe enough, as it turned out later.

A young man in front of you is trying to get back on track. MeesterKeem was heard to say at that point about that very thing He can’t take it anymore and wants to leaveThere he began sliding down the rocks of the mountain, eventually stopping at a point on the slope where there were other rocks, cutting off his fall.

The people closest to this path went to pick him up so that everyone could continue on their way, but they were certainly breathless, seeing a man who had a mountain of luck both literally and figuratively and death did not occur.

The video you’ll see below has gone viral on Twitter with it Over 2.6 million views.

Watch the relevant video:

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