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Bob Marley can have any car he wants. Chose BMW for a very simple reason

Bob Marley can have any car he wants.  Chose BMW for a very simple reason

In the seventies, in the neighborhood Trenchtown from the Jamaican capital Kingstonnot often met so expensive, German cars to roam the streets. Somehow there is one Red BMW 1062 He popped up like … a fly in milk. The car was owned by the most famous man ever produced Jamaica.

The reason for the songwriter Bob Marley where with his music She became known all over the planet. Even in the notorious ghetto-like neighborhood of Marly He is not used to locking the car. Obviously, he knows no one else He wouldn’t even dare think of stealing it. Marley wasn’t what we say Petroleum head. He had no passion for Expensive and fast cars Because the only luxury he allowed himself was Guitars are expensive Where bought and where does each one cost small fortune.

However, he chose to roam the streets of his hometown with one BMWNot for the technical characteristics and prestige that accompany the German company’s models, But to her name.

«I own BMW. The only reason I chose it is because The three letters correspond In the name of my band, not because I need an expensive car». B to BobAnd M to Marley And w to Tourists. Bob Marley and the Wheelers.

Marley grew up in extreme poverty And commuting by car was my thing Not real the first years of his life. In one of his most famous songs, it was the song “no woman no cry” States: “My legs are my only vehicle and so I have to keep going».

the 1962 He released his first songA cup of coffeeAnd within the next ten years, his music initially conquered United States of America Then the whole world. until the middle of it The seventies fired his reputation, He was making a lot of money And you can buy Any car he wants. But he chose her BMW 1062 Just because she felt familiar with her name.

h BMW 1602 It was introduced by the Germans 1966 It was one of the cars that rose to fame of the brand. At first it was her name 1600-2 It originated from the four cylinders 1600 hp engine both its doors.

Everything works 85 hp and 130 Nm of torque While the car formed the basis on which The legendary BMW “Built” 2002. After a few years it came 2022 TurboThe Holy Grail for collectors. Which paved the way for overcrowding.

at some point Marley I decided to replace it and go to bigger car. He chose BMW again, the four-door E3 2500 With its six-cylinder in-line engine 2.5 liters and 150 hp. The car is said to live to this day and is located In a collector’s garage from ca.

the Bob Marley He died in Miami on May 11, 1981, from skin cancer. That was fair He is 36 years old And the last thing he said to his son, Ziggy that was “Money can not buy life». His music is “alive” to this day, as is his legend, after he managed to get his hands on it the traditional sounds of it Jamaica and “travel” them along the planet.

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source: roadandtrack.com