May 18, 2024

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Bridge of Serbia: No fixed problem

Bridge of Serbia: No fixed problem

The second phase of the high-level bridge was completed without a hitch
Service in Kosani. The assurance was given by the region’s technical adviser, Panagiotis Panetsos, to the regional governor of Western Macedonia, Georgios Kassabidis.

Inspection work on the contact points of the deck with the cantilever ends of the Serbian Kosani Bridge (Gerber joints) was successfully completed.

Along with engineers from the DTY headquarters of the region, the technical advisor of the region Mr. Banetsos and Professor Mr. Both Kadagalos oversaw the study of tendons at the sensitive point of the bridge. The original plan to restore problems, they are located at a certain point in the end.

A few small cracks detected did not cause any concern, nor did micro-damages in the reinforcement pose a problem for the stability of the bridge.

Places where tendons are exposed have already been repaired, and the same goes for places with small cracks.

Finally, upon completion of the inspections, any comments are taken into account for the completion of the repair inspection of the severe damage to the bridge’s M6 2 cantilever.

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