June 19, 2024

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Brugge: Player loyalty, fans' fear, and changes regarding the first match with PAOK

Brugge: Player loyalty, fans' fear, and changes regarding the first match with PAOK

La Gazzetta reports to you the atmosphere prevailing in the Brugge dressing room and among its friends who traveled to Thessaloniki and presents to you the changes regarding the first match with PAOK.

the Bruges After 32 years and Winners' Cup The 1991-1992 season had a historic opportunity to once again reach the semi-finals of a European competition. The Belgians won by a fragile 1-0 PAOK At Jan Bredel Stadium and they come in hot. tuba instrument To “protect” their small lead. Of course his team Razvan Lucescu He proved in the previous round that things are different in Thessaloniki.

the Dinamo Zagreb It came from a victory in her seat Betiswon over the black and white 2-0 “Maximir”But in tuba instrument There was only one team on the field, and using the crowd's energy as a weapon, the home team celebrated the victorious 'Five'. Match… message her Bruges.

The optimism of the Brugge players and the fear of the fans

Belgian journalist for the newspaper “Nieuwsblad Sport”, Peter Jan CalquhenShe continued her mission Bruges in Thessaloniki And talk to magazine I conveyed the situation that prevails a few hours before the start of the big rematch.

according to Calquin In the locker room there is optimism, but with limits. Its football players Bruges They think they will qualify for the semi-finals at the final whistle, but they are “grounded”. They know that with the score 1-0, nothing is over.

The Belgian players may be calm and focused in the 'Battle' of Thessaloniki, but among the team's friends there is particularly great anxiety. And not about whether their team will go to the next stage…

As it turns out, her friends Bruges Which is already in Thessaloniki They fear for their safety in the city because of what happened in Belgium. We remind you that the guests will have more than 1,000 fans on their side.

With changes in 3/4 defense and in Brugge “9”.

“We will try to do what we know, nothing changes for us. We don't have any other plans in mind.”Its official said during his statements at the press conference Bruges, Nick Hine. It is easy to understand that the Belgians will compete with the same formation as they played the previous week.

the Bruges It will come down to her pitch You stumble With 4-3-3. From the moment that Mignolet Hurt or Yakers It will be in the fireplace Sabi He will play on the right flank, but 3/4 of the defensive line will change. the Jorn Spillers He trained while wearing a protective mask due to a facial injury, but he will not be among the starting lineup. the Ordoneth It is expected to be used primarily with Paints At his side instead of the Punisher Michelle. The left-back also completed the cards De Cuyperwho will replace him Mayer.

The position is expected to remain unchanged. the Onentica It will be in “6”, with Whittlesin And the leader Vanakin As internal means. In attack there will be a change in face and stance. the a result He will stay to the right of the line of scrimmage and o Zotgla Who in the first match was a left winger will go to the number “9” instead of the suspended third. Thiago. The difference in the strikers' productivity is striking, with the 22-year-old Brazilian having already been bought before Bradford Ahead of next season, he has scored 26 goals and four assists in 48 appearances, while the 25-year-old Spaniard has eight goals and seven assists in 41 appearances. Finally his position Zotgla The 19-year-old speedster will go to the left 'wing'. Antonio Nosa.

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