May 18, 2024

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“In our minds in Vitola, what we experienced does not reflect a basketball match.”

“In our minds in Vitola, what we experienced does not reflect a basketball match.”


Thanos Niklas during the Panathinaikos-Olympiacos match
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Olympiacos coach Thanos Niklas, in his statements after the second final of the A1 Women's Championship, which was won by Panathinaikos, expressed his concern about the condition of Kristin Vitola and left advice to the referee.

Olympiacos was defeated in extra time by Panathinaikos in the second final in the women's A1 category and now the series is 1-1. Immediately after the end of the match, the coach of the red and white team, Thanos Niklas, indicated Vitola’s injury, expressing his concern for her condition, as she was taken to the hospital with a broken nose.

“What I want to say and express after the end of this final is my deep sadness and condolences to our injured player Kristen Vitola, who was taken to the hospital at the beginning of the second half. Our thoughts and support are there. We wish her success,” Thanos Niklas said at the beginning and then left advice for the refereeing. :

“Regarding the game, we can definitely say a lot of things. I don't usually talk about refereeing, but what we lived, saw, happened and faced does not reflect a basketball game. Congratulations to the girls who, despite these circumstances, made it to the game and unfortunately, we were not able to make it in the end.” Because of some rebounds that we did not get in the final, the series has a future. We have to play the next final at home. We will see what we can fix. We have to see what condition Vitola will be in.”

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