October 4, 2023

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Bulgaria: Encourages residents abroad to return to the country

Bulgaria: Encourages residents abroad to return to the country

the The Ministry of Economy It is the first institution to participate in the platform Bulgaria wants you (Η Bulgaria wants you)Who supports the Bulgarians living abroad They obtained high-level professional qualifications there to pursue a career in Bulgaria.

This announcement was made today by the press service of the ministry on the occasion of the meeting with the Minister of Economy Bogdan Bogdanov President of the Movement for the National Purpose Andrei Arnaudov.

The two men officially announced the start of the partnership between the ministry and the movement.

Bogdanov stated that one of the main tasks is to train Bulgarians with education and qualifications.Bulgaria is developing and has excellent conditions for economic development And increase investment, but the main issue at present is how to solve the demographic problem effectively and quickly. The time has come for us to set a national priority around which we unite and have an ambitious goal that will be reflected in all sectors.

As mentioned, Implementing a transparent and open policy and training people with education and experience in management is one of the main priorities of the Ministry Therefore, the inclusion of the ministry in this platform is of great importance.

He added that this would be helpful employment Candidates for the Ministry, Bulgarian trade missions abroad and government institutions affiliated with the Ministry.

The two officials agreed that the ministry and its representatives would participate in various initiatives such as Career forum Organized by the Bulgaria Trade platform for Bulgarians in the country and abroad.

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The first of these will be in Early November in Vienna. At the event, qualified persons will be offered jobs who will have the opportunity to meet their future employers and choose their new workplace and development opportunities in Bulgaria.

Platform Bulgaria wants you It provides up-to-date information on the quality of life and social environment by city and region, creates a link between businesses and Bulgarians in the country and around the world, and offers job opportunities in Bulgaria.