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Cannes, the big boiling scandal, and the wonderful Meryl Streep

Cannes, the big boiling scandal, and the wonderful Meryl Streep

There is no media outlet in France, or even in the whole world, that does not mention the extent to which it is expected to happen, and it is already in the first stage. The 77th Cannes Film FestivalBefore raising the curtain, he received 35,000 guests from all regions. The beginning was by 200 workers and employees in various festivals in the country and the liberal professions, who were preparing for a strike under the slogan “Poverty Under the Screens,” denouncing the instability that prevails in the labor and insurance sectors, protesting the benefits forcefully and practically, because it is the first time such a thing has happened. May 1968when the festival was completely disrupted by mass protests and was never held.

Next year Olympic Games In Paris and a paramilitary warm-up for additional security measures, and wanting to maintain a neutral position, the festival banned demonstrations during the ten days of events, and does not allow anyone to wear pins in favor of Palestine Or him Israel (No talk other than the clear, if indirect, reference to the ceasefire in Gaza), in the wake of the new embarrassment of silence Eurovision – Who would have thought that it was a very political festival? On the contrary, he will happily welcome the anticipated novelty and, why not, the big favorite for one of the important awards, his film Muhammad Rasoulof, who recently escaped from Iran, thus avoiding the harsh imprisonment and flogging sentences he is serving. It has not yet been announced whether the director will be present at the Cannes Film Festival.

Juliette Binoche, who handed her the honorary Palme d’Or with as much respect as ever, admitting that women began to see themselves differently after Meryl, despite the exaggeration of the charged statement, was absolutely right.

The main scandal that threatens to explode like a bomb comes from the actress and director Zaidit Godreswhich launched a crusade against its director French Cinema Centre, Dominic Butona. There is still a sexual assault complaint by his godfather pending against him, and many are wondering how he remains in his position, despite the presumption of innocence he invokes and of course those who believe that there is still no reason to marginalize him or not adequately document his early retirement. Godris has already denounced her more famous former partners Benoit Jaco And Jack DoillonThat she was sexually assaulted in the 1980s, when she was still a minor, is more than a “phenomenon” at this year’s festival, since her short film, “Me too”which translates exactly to “Me too”It was added to the schedule at the last minute and will be played as a sideline at the beginning of the segment “Some consideration.”It also sent a press release, somewhat like a guide, on appropriate behavior during events to avoid unwanted moves that might offend the dignity of the participants. However, the hot secret she’s holding on her hands is McCarthy’s list of 10 French industrialists and celebrities, including an Oscar winner, who will be retroactively reported for harassment or rape. Among the leaked names are those of Pierre Ninet, Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, and Guillaume Canet. In the wake of another complaint against Gerard Depardieu, there has been no reaction to the unofficial rumours, with many speculating that there may be boos or protests at the opening ceremony. The day before the inauguration, Godres was protesting in Paris, but someone else may have thrown the first stone in protest.

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Zidi Godres’ short film “Moi Aussi,” which translates to “Me Too,” was added to the program at the last minute.

General Director of the Festival, Iris KnoblockAnd the voter Thierry Fremaux (which, as we remember, last year refrained from showing Polanski and Woody Allen films “so as not to direct the spotlight in the wrong direction”) recognized the fragile balance, stepped away from the limelight, and called for a festival in which politics would play its role. The role is exclusively on screen, for better or worse, they hired a crisis management company, and the opening ceremony finally became “bloodless” and very festive.

On his steps Festival Palace The two hosts welcomed the generous and indomitable person of the evening Meryl StreepAnd evening Dedicated to her long journey and her unique gift of unity and movement. In a five-minute montage of her accomplishments, in which she characteristically says it was like watching her youth through the window of a fast car give way to middle-aged Meryl and from there to where she is now (“Meryl, baby,” her mother warned her, “life Running like a fireball!”, we once again witnessed exciting clips of her amazing performances and wondered, at least some of us, how we dared to get bored of her and question her at some point, spoiled by her perfection. She herself was frightened at a crossroads in her filmography, two Oscars and only 10 years later “deer hunter”: When he came the first and last time He was35 years ago for “Screaming in the dark”Shortly before she turned 40, she thought her career was on the verge of a glorious end – “that was the thinking in those years,” she noted bitterly. the Juliet Pinoswho handed her the honorary award respectfully and as usual with more tears Golden Palm He admitted that women began to see themselves differently after Meryl, and he was, despite the overly charged statement, absolutely right.

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Juliette Binoche. Photo: Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

The audience didn’t miss a single word expressing Meryl’s feelings and the only one the cameras showed her feeling bored was him Louis GarrelOne of the heroes of the movie “Law 2”l Kendall DuPierre, which had its world premiere immediately after the ceremony. It was preceded by a classy performance by the actress we met from television “Ten percent”, Camille Cotton, a reference to the parallel and crazy world of Cannes but also to the gentlemen who meet professionally with the actors for the evening and whom we will not see this year (visibly applauded), a presentation to the members of the jury with a special tribute to the chair, Greta Gerwig, with a deified video of her work And focusing on her three directing works that were ranked among dozens of the best films at the Academy Awards. To some extent, especially in tone, the flow was reminiscent of a Hollywood party, morale remained high and those in attendance perhaps felt relieved that protocol was being followed, especially the protagonist. “Law 2”the 33-year-old Cesar Award winner Raphael KennardHe is also, theoretically, on the 10-person bomb list, and was present in the room.

The film itself, which has not yet been distributed in Greece, just as it was never shown in our country and at last year’s opening, “Cuts” to Michelle Hazanaviciusforcefully and insistently pushes the boundaries of the meta and the wall that separates the imagination from its audience, following Garrel, Kennard, Léa Seydoux and Vencal Landon to their meeting in the title restaurant, while constantly interrupting the “performance” to tell their own stories, from their fear of being misunderstood and invalidated, to their excitement that Paul Thomas Anderson He’s seriously considering one of them for his new movie! Another game from the French surrealist with funny inspiration, flat execution and originality to unite diverse production companies such as Plus channelthe until And absent for several years at the festival Netflixjust an addition to his bloated filmography, as a nice gesture in front of the heavy artillery taking its turn He waswith the “Big Cities” He will make his first public bow on Thursday, hoping to avoid further drama after Coppola was accused of trying to kiss actresses while filming the blockbuster. project This is something that its producer, Darren Dimitri, categorically denies.

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