May 22, 2024

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Before I left for America, I had Marina Satti as a teacher

Before I left for America, I had Marina Satti as a teacher

the calliope haska, The actress, who became famous through her participation in the series “The Witch,” talked about her studies, as well as her professional career.

The artist was a guest on the “Elleni” program and initially spoke about her first steps in the entertainment field.

“I started with music and dance and then I came to Athens and studied them. Then I randomly performed and said ‘This is it, acting.’ So I went to Berkeley and did acting. Before I went to Berkeley, I had Marina Satti as a professor. He said characteristically.

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Then the actress added: “I was good at reading, and I really liked school. I knew I would major in art. I had faith that the right things would come of it.”

Regarding her decision to go to America to study, she said: “I looked for it myself to study in America. I prepared, took the exam, and got the scholarship. My mother is a college student, but she has a great love for art. She gave me all the incentives. So for someone to get the scholarship is not a coincidence. I also went to classes I received my education from home.”

Finally, Calliope Haska spoke about her participation in the series “The Witch” and how that came about. “I was in America and I was coming back. I sent a CV to all the casting directors in Greece, with the words ‘I think I would be a good fit for the job you are bringing’.” Close said.

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