May 22, 2024

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Queerobahtses has it all

Queerobahtses has it all
Friends, friends and friends, loyal to our date, we are back with the most unusual options for our weekly outings. This week’s Queer Party has it all: stage shows, film screenings, inclusive events, open mic nights, album launches, and parties – parties – parties.

Exotic movie nights


As part of This Is Athens – City Festival and for the third year in a row, there are Queer Film Nights. In short, it is a celebration of queer cinema with international productions, premieres, Greek films and special guests in the heart of Athens on the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, Amphiphobia and Transphobia. 28 films will be screened at this year’s event. Many of them will be shown for the first time in Greece. Performances will take place on May 16-19 at the Trianon (Codringtonus 21) and on May 20 at the Goethe-Institut (Omero 14-16). For more information feel free to click here.


Blood on the stage at the Synchrono Theater (Eumolepidon 45)

The subversive comedy “Blood on the Stage” by American writer and actor Charles Ludlam, premieres in Greece, directed by Tasos Bergeri, with an excellent ensemble cast consisting of Thanos Leka, Alexandros Varthy, Rina Kiprioti, Christos. Stathouse, Phoebus Marciano, Marilena Mucho, Maki Nano. It is served on Wednesdays and Sundays at 19.00 and Friday – Saturday at 21.15.

Richard III at the Synchrono Theater (Eomolepidon 45)

Anima team and director Rubini Moschohoritis present Shakespeare’s Richard III in a subversive new way. The modern “perspective” of classical theater that concerns the group and the oblique view that approaches the texts is enhanced by Andreas Florakis’s topical adaptation. The show is shown every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 21.15 and on Saturdays at 19.00.

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801.5m @ Tsini Karesi (Academia 3)

The show (produced by DI.PE.THE. Ioannina) was presented in 2023 in Ioannina, while its staging in Athens is a collaboration between Tseni Karezis Theater and DI.PE.THE. Ioannina. The script of the show is a product of fiction, while it is also based on real documents. It was February 6, 2015, when Vangelis Giakoumakis was forced to die. We don’t know what he was thinking, or what he wanted to say, but we can only offer explanations. What we do know is that he was found 800 meters from his school, and traveled another 1.5 meters before disappearing forever. The theater offers this magical space – 801.5 square meters – where we are allowed to make assumptions. The show premieres May 20 at 9 p.m.

“/oRt I. – A man can break” @PLYFA (girl 39)

An original dramaturgy inspired by “Caspar” by Peter Handke and “Horatio” by Heiner Müller. A show about self-destruction, premiering on Monday 13 May 2024, every Monday and Tuesday, for 8 performances, at 21:30 on PLYFA.


Gender equality and anti-discrimination at the University @ University of Thessaly (Saratsi – Volos)

The public university, as a space for social democratic transformation, can contribute to developing the plan. The University of Thessaly is organizing a conference to mark the two-year anniversary of the implementation of the action plan voted on by the Senate in summer 2022.

Torvas @ Terrace (Theodoreto Prestinis 45)

On Thursday, May 16th Torvas It will be full of spots and monsters!! After the Easter holidays and before the start of summer, we gather on the Terrace to share our writing, cry, laugh and hear all kinds of stories.

“Fragile Era” album show at Combray (Didoto 34)

Eleven pieces by Elena Totodakis for turbulent adolescence or pre-aging break-ups They introduce themselves In Cobray on Thursday, May 23.

Rebirth Ourselves User Guide @Lala (Derigny 39)

this It happened Performance and video combine around the theme of rebirth after a period of change or trauma. The multi-purpose venue Lala opens its doors at 7pm on Friday and invites us to be reborn with: Angelos Charalambous Anastasia Kavada Antigoni Bunny Tsagaropoulou Antoinette Angelidis & Rhea Valden Er Libido Maria Glyka Petros Touloudis Prokni Phil Ieropoulos. This event celebrates the conclusion of Anastasia’s residency at LALA. As a guest at LALA, Anastasia occupied the bedroom space with an installation that represents a process of renewal resulting from the trauma of infertility. The installation is also a reference to a text by Ursula Le Guin about menopausal women, who go through a period of painful and radical change.


La Brasserie – Korai 15 (Heraklion, Crete)

On the 14th, Totonou, that is, Tuesday, the welcoming La Brasserie invites us to a karaoke night. Wear good things, exercise your vocal cords, and sing along.

Self-organized pride of Thessaloniki (14 – 16/05)

In the context of Self-organized pride of Thessaloniki Interesting events will occur. On Tuesday (14/05) at 7 pm a discussion on “Gender Violence and Femicide” will be held in Tzipi Park (corner of Agabinos and E. Michael). At exactly nine o’clock on the evening of the same day, in the same place, the film “History of Resistance – Sleeping on Your Chest” will be shown and a discussion will be held with the director. On Wednesday at 8:30 pm in the migrant shelter (20 Valoretto) there will be an exhibition of archival materials from different projects and a discussion on “Urban Pride and Prejudice”, while on Thursday (16/05) there will be a discussion. On “Neither in Aristotle nor anywhere: we are clearly present in every neighborhood” at Parco Tsepis at 7pm, while two hours later (9pm) an open poetry evening and concert with Bonfire Realm will take place at the same location.

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Enola (Valoretto 19, Thessaloniki)

The most welcoming store in Northern Greece on Friday (05/17) will have Fatality as its guest and promises to present one of the most amazing drag shows ever. Doors open at 11.30pm and the only necessary accessory is fun!

Xpose (Polytechno 31 – Thessaloniki)

On May 17, X-Pose opens its doors after 11pm and invites us to an epic night under the title “Introduction to Summer”.

Smut (Strike 4)

On May 18, Smut Athens will have a fun-filled night in store. So this Saturday they organized their second Pornceptual show, with their special guests: Amanda Musi and Rakans.