May 21, 2024

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Car speed limit disturbance – where does it increase and why?

Car speed limit disturbance – where does it increase and why?

New and higher speed limits for a European country will soon come into effect, which are not the desired results of their reduction in previous years.

Besides improving road safety in most cases, reducing the speed limit on the road It also contributes to reducing the burden on the atmosphere As the speed of movement in general is directly related to the pollutants emitted from the car.

With this in mind, the Netherlands reduced the speed limit on its highways from 130 to 100 kilometers per hour about five years ago.

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This measure, which was not welcomed by the majority of the public, came into force in order to eliminate the general pollutants produced by the Netherlands as a country (especially nitrogen emissions). Bringing it in line with the limits set by the European Union, thus allowing the construction industry, which also emits pollutants, to continue building buildings..

Reduced speed limit It was valid daily from six in the morning until seven in the evening, i.e. the hours when the largest volume of vehicles is on the country’s roads. During the rest of the day the speed returned to a maximum of 130 km/h.

Now, it appears that the parties that will form the next government in the Netherlands have reached an agreement to abolish and abolish the minimum speed limits on the country’s highways.

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According to studies and research conducted in the Netherlands throughout this period Show that the gains in reducing nitrogen emissions are actually so marginal that their application is not justified.

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NOx is emitted by many industries, one of which is of course the automobile industry.

With its large concentrations in the atmosphere, it can lead to problems in the human body’s respiratory system. With an increased risk for people with conditions such as asthma.

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