May 22, 2024

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The €10 supplement that breaks the bank – how to use it

The €10 supplement that breaks the bank – how to use it

A multi-tool that will be useful to thousands of drivers who have “gone too fast”, especially for those for whom height is not one of their strong features.

Every driver should have in the trunk of his car a series of tools that will “save” him in difficult times by generously offering the solution in difficult times.

But there are also some other tools that are not known to the general public that have appeared in recent years They generously offer their services to car owners’ problems that have so far remained unsolved.

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A typical example of a particularly useful multi-tool that every driver probably owns Permanently in the trunk of his car is a small foldable “step” which you can look up online as “car door step”..

Priced from less than €10, the mini-sill opens and uses a steel hook that secures the front or rear door and is attached directly to the car frame to secure it.

Therefore, the small step enables the car driver to step on it safely and Without causing any damage to the car’s paint beyond the ceiling height.

The driver can use the small step to safely clean the roof of his car or, for example, place a rack or even a roof rack on it easily and quickly.

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The mini ladder can provide other services to the car owner depending on the model you will buy.

In particular, it may have a small metal nose at the front that the driver can use to break a window in an emergency. While there are also versions with a blade that can be used to cut the seat belt.

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Watch the “ladder” in action with the door in the following video.

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