May 22, 2024

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Night electricity tariff: What does its cancellation mean for consumers, according to experts

Night electricity tariff: What does its cancellation mean for consumers, according to experts

Energy Inspector Michalis Christodoulides told OPEN that the night power supply had been cancelled.

We will not have a night tariff. We will go at lunch timeMr. Christodoulides emphasized and added, “There is an issue regarding who will be the person who will operate the energy-consuming household appliances at noon. However, we must also look to our industry and commercial consumers who pay a high price for marble in energy costs. The cost of energy needed to produce the same industrial product in Greece is 95 euros per megawatt hour, in Germany 32, and in France 40, while we have a large surplus of energy. We have double and triple the cost of producing the industrial product.

Then he was asked whether the final electricity for consumers would be reduced with the cancellation of night electricity. He answered: Nothing changes for the consumer, and he added that the citizen will receive the electricity fees that he had at night, and they will be transferred only at noon.

Green energy management

He also talked about the issue of green energy.

“There is a big problem in the country regarding green energy management. At noon, we have an excess of green energy production from photovoltaics because we have the sun, but there is no corresponding consumption during lunch hours, and this leads to a significant decrease in the cost of electricity, in other words, access Wholesale electricity purchase prices to zero or cuts to electricity producers…they don’t flow onto the grid because we don’t have storage systems. All of this is happening because the country has a high penetration of renewables in the mix, with electricity generation reaching more than 50%, But we cannot store this energy for use.

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