April 24, 2024

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Celebration of Greek Cinema | newspaper

Celebration of Greek Cinema |  newspaper

The truth is that in the years since the pandemic, local film production has declined. Not necessarily from a quality point of view, but certainly from a commercial point of view, as we rarely saw a Greek film exceed 15-20,000 tickets during this time. The exceptions were some films like Very Special “Magnetic fields” by Giorgos Gossis, which became an unexpected success with 28,000 tickets coming almost out of “nowhere”. However, 2023 and the beginning of 2024 were a different story, initially for the Greek box office as a whole, which saw a 35% increase compared to the previous year, but also for the Greek productions in particular.

Of course this is largely due to “Fatal” Eva Nathena, who sold more than 400 thousand tickets, proving that artistic perfection can be combined with a huge presence in the hall as well. The latter also aims to Hellenic Cinema CentreWhich will be held next Tuesday, March 26 Greek Cinema Day, even spreading the work throughout the territory. The vast majority of the most notable local productions of recent years (short, feature, fiction, documentary and animation), with a total of 93 films, come to theaters from Alexandroupoli to Chania and from Rhodes to Corfu, with a general admission fee of €3.

A total of 93 films arrive in theaters from Alexandroupolis to Chania and from Rhodes to Corfu, with a general admission of €3.

“This initiative of the Pan-Hellenic Film and Television Association is based on its belief that Greek film and Greek theater should coexist in an era of structural changes to film distribution worldwide, but also in a time of international acclaim for Greeks and Greek theatre.” Greek filmmakers. The Greek Cinema Day comes to strengthen the hall, a cultural place whose survival is being tested throughout Europe.

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“The purpose of the Greek Film Festival is to expose to a wider audience Greek film, which Greek cinema has proven its ability to move,” the center’s announcement said. We remind you that similar actions, e.g Film Festival Last October, it received a huge response from audiences, who filled cinemas – at the time around 250,000 tickets were sold in a single day – and showed that going to the movies is still a powerful source of entertainment.

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However, as mentioned in a recent press conference Thessaloniki Documentary FestivalThere is a bit of a dissonance between the audience response to local films, compared to what is happening in the rest of Europe. On the other hand, the recognition of Greek filmmakers on the international stage is definitely a positive factor, such that Greek audiences accept and “trust” their works more.