April 24, 2024

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It's a dilemma, admits the 'Godfather of Royal Reporting'

It's a dilemma, admits the 'Godfather of Royal Reporting'

She is a mysterious and perfectionist personality Kate MiddletonThe royal editor of the British newspaper Evening Standard says: Robert JobsonWho completed his book about the Princess of Wales.

“It is difficult to collect information about them. She is very conservative, a perfectionist, and wants to do her best. As a mother, she is an independent woman who takes the work she has done, especially in relation to charities, very seriously. He supports William By all means, but she also has her own agenda,” he explained to ERT.

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The man whom the Wall Street Journal called “Godfather of royal reports“, covered the palace for 30 years.

Regarding rumors regarding the princess's health, Jobson believes that the palace should break its silence after the conspiracy theories sparked by the failed editing of photos of her children. “I think they've kind of lost their credibility, though They can get it back, it's not the end of the world. They lost their credibility in the media because the photo wasn't real. As for the royal family and the internet whisperers, they could handle it better and not cause all these conspiracy theories. They must provide original material otherwise they will mislead the public and no one will believe them“, He said.

It is considered that the last photo of Kate Middleton with her husband, which was published by The Sun newspaper, is a real photo.

“Kate's photo is clear and William's photo is clear. It has not been processed, but it is not understood why there are doubts, but usually, that is how it always happens.”

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He offered advice and said: “Kate will try to attend the traditional family walk to church on Easter Sunday.” If I were to advise her, I think it would be a good idea. “Otherwise, we will see them after the Easter school holidays, in mid-April.”

Finally, as for Charles, Jobson said he is expected to return to his duties before the summer.

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