February 26, 2024

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CES 2024: This could be the year of the smart ring

CES 2024: This could be the year of the smart ring

In recent years, the Finnish tech company's Oura Ring has been the most popular smart ring on the market. And at this year's CES, the world's largest consumer technology show held in Las Vegas, it faced some real competition.

The smart ring is one of the most promising accessories. It stands out because it is discreet and convenient for sleep tracking compared to a smartwatch. It also has the advantage of getting better heart rate and blood oxygen readings than the wrist.

Pros and Cons

The downside is that it's difficult to create an elegant device, given the small size and flexibility of the components that make it up.

Plus, it's more expensive and has fewer features than a smartwatch.

Lots of interesting models

At this year's CES, several interesting models appeared with the “theverge” there and presented models that attracted the attention of the mission.

Movano's Evie Ring, which debuted at CES 2022, is also on the list. It has been designed with wearable features and will be worn by women more. It will have a simplified app and monitor health metrics like blood oxygen, heart rate, etc. The goal is to integrate information based on artificial intelligence.

Another smart ring is: Amazfit Helio Ring. It is aimed at athletes and fully compatible with the Amazfit ecosystem. This means you can wear the smartwatch during the day and when it's time to sleep, take it off and the ring will take care of tracking your sleep.

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BeamO emphasizes health data. It will alert users to possible fever or infection and detect potential cardiovascular problems, including atrial fibrillation.

The article notes that Samsung is rumored to be working on the Galaxy Ring, but smaller companies like Ultrahuman and Circular are also paving the way.