February 26, 2024

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Coldplay: Concert margins at OAKA are narrowing

Coldplay: Concert margins at OAKA are narrowing

Although three months have passed since the day the problem of stability of the roof structure became known Calatrava In the Central stadium His conclusion T This has not been announced, and there has been no official statement from OAKA's management The responsible ministry, With the ColdPlay concert still “up in the air” it was mentioned in a letter from the Greek Association of Cultural Event Organizers to the relevant bodies.

the Organizers From the concert they ruled out becoming the world's best-ticketed music event 122,000 ticketselsewhere, as there is no equivalent in terms of capacity and specifications in Attica, and the band is not ready to appear again in Athens.

For their part, they are putting pressure on the company organizing their concert in Greece to clarify the situation as soon as possible, because in the event that Athens falls off the map of their world tour, they will have to immediately look for another destination, with all that entails for our country. Possibility of cancellation of both concerts Bad play In Athens, on June 8 and 9 In its center awaka It is expected to lead to a series of negative events.

According to the legal advisor of the Hellenic Association of Cultural Event Organizers, Ioannis Maragoudakis from 122,000 tickets Which were pre-sold out within a two-day period, a third of which related to the arrival of spectators from abroad and The wider Greek regionWhich is expected to affect hotel occupancy in Athens. He stated that meetings are scheduled with Deputy Sports Minister Yiannis Vroutsis, Lina Mendoni and the representative of Megaros Maximos.

Canceling or changing thousands of airline tickets will also cause a major problem, while the fate of dozens of contracts with foreign companies that carried out production is being judged, among other things. In addition, A Possible cancellation I will Exposing the country beyond repair It will permanently remove her from the world tours of major bands, putting her out of it Music map.

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to It should be noted that the second experience report of the experts of the Hellenic Technical Chamber, which was delivered to the Deputy Minister of Sports, Yiannis Vroutsis, by the President of the TEE, George Stasinos The partial reopening of the cycle path has been permitted, as an issue with the stability of the roof has been identified. Plus after the first Expert report It was carried out by the Technical Chamber of Greece, in connection with the fixed fit of Calatrava's metal constructions Polycarbonate to Homeowners From OAKA facilities, Ministry of Sports He announced the reopening of the hall george kasmatis, Offices located in the Central Stadium and the underground hall of the Olympic Cycling Track.

read the message

The Greek Society of Organizers of Cultural Events (PSDPE) represents almost all professional organizers of cultural events, especially concerts, in Greece, with Greek and foreign artists. HIGH PRIORITY PROMOTIONS, which has organized major concerts by foreign artists in Greece in recent years, is also a member of the association, some of which have been successfully hosted at OAKA.

As you know, a concert of the music group is scheduled Bad play On June 8 and 9, 2024 at Central stadium to awaka, Based on a contract in force between the company and OAKA, the culmination of two years of intense efforts, so that Greece can claim to organize such events and once again join the global concert map. It should be noted that the music group in question is the largest in the world in terms of the popularity of its live performances. In this case, 122,000 tickets were pre-sold over two days, a third of which related to the arrival of spectators from abroad and the wider Greek region, with all the implication of hotel occupancy in Athens during the two days in question. And the flight tickets From outside.

From the first moment the question arose about the suitability of the roof of the central stadium of Oka, we set out to inform the competent authorities on the one hand that there was no alternative place in Greece to host the event, and on the other hand that the consequences of canceling the concerts would expose us as a country to disaster (In addition to the huge financial loss incurred by the company and its related legal claims).

We are awaiting official information on the results of the TEE results and confirmation that any required repairs to the roof will be completed in time to allow the aforementioned concert to take place.

The Association, as the official representative body of the organizers and guardian of the credibility of cultural events, receives almost daily harassment from the media and thousands of people from Greece and abroad who bought tickets for the aforementioned concert, requesting correct information about the possibility of canceling the concert due to the publicity the concert received, and in turn to cancel hotel reservations. Plane tickets and requesting a refund of the ticket price from the organizing company.

The company organizing such a major musical event with global visibility and reach, since Greece is included in the official stops of the band's international tour, faces a terrifying reality every day, as the fate of dozens of contracts it has concluded with foreign companies that carried out the production (building scenes and sets, equipment Audio, video, screens, security, transportation, accommodation, movement, employment and insurance issues for several hundred Greek and foreign workers). They also face devastating criminal charges and very high bank fees in case of ticket refunds.

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Unfortunately, a quarter has passed and there is no official position from OAKA and Responsible MinistryUntil now, the association and the organizing company have maintained a wait-and-see attitude without announcing the consequences that may result to the country from the possibility of canceling the aforementioned ceremony, out of our desire to avoid negative publicity and escalation of tension. But as Time passes and no tangible progress is madeWe are very afraid that these reactions will be one-way.

We are contacting you again in writing, requesting your immediate intervention within your jurisdiction to resolve the issue, in particular expediting the TEE opinion procedure and promptly directing any required repairs. But above all, we ask for the general position of OAKA and the Greek Government through the relevant Minister regarding the guarantee that the central stage of OAKA will be ready to host safely. The biggest music event in Greece At least in the last decade. There is an opposite version that would irreparably expose the country and displace it forever from the world tours of major foreign musical groups, putting it off the musical map with all that this means for companies organizing such events, but also for concert tourism.

To the PSDPE Board of Directors


Katerina Stamataki

Legal Counsel

Ioannis Maragoudakis

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