June 23, 2024

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Chios: A historic Viking ship arrives at the island

Chios: A historic Viking ship arrives at the island

The historic ship of the Vikings arrived at the port of Chios on Sunday afternoon (02.06.2024). The reason is the “Saga Forman” built to the standards of ships of the famous Scandinavian breed.

The Norwegian schooner “Saga Forman” is a faithful copy of their ships Vikings She sailed to the port of Chios with a crew of 13 from Norway, Holland, Australia and the Czech Republic.

The “Furman’s story» is a faithful reconstruction of a traditional Viking ship, modeled on archaeological finds and historical records of the time.

In fact, it is one and the same technique used by the Vikings and made of the same materials A living representation of 9th century shipbuilding art.

Its construction was completed with the help of many volunteers who worked tirelessly to build it Marine masterpiece.

“Saga Forman” is not just a ship but a floating museum which visits various European ports to inform and provide information to the people about the history of the Vikings, their cultural heritage and their naval achievements.

Saga Forman - Historic Viking ship in the port of Chios

Departing from Norway, the ship crossed the Rhine and Danube rivers and ended up in Constantinople. From there on 18 May he began his Mediterranean route to Turkey, Greece and Italy.

The Mediterranean crossing ends on August 31, with the final destination being Rome.

In total, 8 different volunteer groups of 13 – 15 people participate.

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