June 23, 2024

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Kalamada: Heavy motorcycle crash on national highway – driver killed

Kalamada: Heavy motorcycle crash on national highway – driver killed

One person died in a motorcycle accident on the New Kalamata – Tripoli highway shortly before 12 noon on Sunday (2/6).

According to what is known, the motorcyclist, a 55-year-old citizen, was heading towards Kalamata, lost control of the big machine under unspecified circumstances and ended up on the highway island.

Fierce conflict

The collision was severe and resulted in the unfortunate person being thrown onto the road and seriously injured.

The traffic accident occurred at 232 km of EO Tripoli – Kalamata and the fire brigade and Central Peloponnese Motorway Transport Service and EKAV ambulance rushed to the scene.

EKAV rescuers found a 55-year-old man dead and mutilated by the severity of the collision.

A 55-year-old man was killed when, for unknown reasons, he lost control of the big machine he was driving and came head-first into an island on the highway in the direction of Kalamata and was then thrown off the road.

EKAV rescuers and firefighters arrived at the scene (at the level of the hospital), but it was already too late, as the man was cut off.

See pictures of motorcycle wrecks

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