June 26, 2024

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Watch Live – Cross-channel Mitsotakis interview from Sania: Why hasn’t Kassalakis testified about his whereabouts?

Watch Live – Cross-channel Mitsotakis interview from Sania: Why hasn’t Kassalakis testified about his whereabouts?

Prime Minister and leader of the ND, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is currently holding a cross-channel press conference from Chania against the backdrop of the upcoming European elections. In this context, Mr. Mitsotakis questioned why Syriza’s president had not yet submitted his petition, as he had said he would before the European elections.

Insisting that Greece should have a strong voice in Europe, the Prime Minister did not deny the rise of the far right in Europe and in our country. But Greece is now effectively dealing with the migrant-refugee problem, he stressed, reinforcing the arguments of far-right parties.


He also ruled out dialogue with parties in Greece that fuel pseudo-patriotism and instrumentalize homeland and religion. “There were also parties to the right of ND in the national elections in 2023. They will have a significant presence, and Greek citizens will see how noticeable it is,” stressed Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Answering Grigoris Giovaras’s question about the “first title”. On reforms and an assessment of the new government’s first 11 months after the 2023 elections, Mr. Mitsotakis spoke of the full implementation and follow-through of ND’s pre-election promises, mainly on reforms in justice and healthcare. Within a short period of time. He specifically mentioned the new judicial map, increases, interventions in tax policy and absorption of resources from the recovery fund.

“These are all very important reforms. The ND is absolutely consistent in its pre-election commitments and has three years ahead of it. We will be judged in the 2027 elections. One of our campaign commitments is to raise wages. We are on track to reach a minimum wage of 950 euros and an average wage of over 1,500 euros. I believe. These are examples of a government continuing to implement its policy. I will continue with them. We have more police in the neighborhoods and we have successfully dealt with the issues of fandom,” he asserted.

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Precision warfare and reduction of VAT on food

Mr. Mitsotakis also mentioned the letter to Ursula von der Leyen about the fight against time and the different pricing of multinationals, in which all parties did not appear “with the shirt of National Greece”, but they criticized for the small party. For purposes. When asked about the proposal to reduce VAT on food, he said: “The budget will not sustain, whoever says that cut, which concessions they are going to cut, which tax they are going to raise, it will lead us to bankruptcy”.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis added: “We paid dearly for the populism of the left. This facile and anti-European populism must have an answer, and that is a vote for ND”. He also noted that Acrobia is “a European reality, except that Greece is coming out of a crisis”. I focus on both emergency and permanent measures. We have made important interventions and I believe they are beginning to yield results. By God, I’m not saying the problem is over, but I think we’re at the beginning of the end. Again, raising wages is the answer to precision. Our first priority is to reduce the employer contribution as soon as financial conditions permit. As long as inflation is a problem for the citizen, the government is above the problem. As far as allowances are concerned, we are a generous state considering the potential of our economy. Child benefits, rent, for families in need. Targeted Benefits.”

unemployment efforts

When asked about unemployment and what efforts he would take to reduce it, the Prime Minister said, “Unemployment has come down from 17% to 10%.” Wages are rising. Today, unemployment is low and the worker has more bargaining power. We have a fast growing economy. There are deficits in the labor market that need to be addressed with government interventions.”

Why didn’t Kassalakis testify about his whereabouts?

Responding specifically to government critic Stefanos Kasselakis and raising questions, he said he himself would ask him why he had not yet filed “where are you from” as he said before the European elections. “His personal life is not of interest to us, but how a leader made his wealth is of interest to citizens,” Mr Mitsotakis said.

“I’m sure he said he would submit before the European elections. And I haven’t heard anything about Europe from Mr. Kassalakis. He puts his party to the left of Europe, that’s why he doesn’t talk much about the European elections,” he added.

Mikkoski to publicly acknowledge that he respects the Prespa Agreement

Asked about provocations from neighboring Skopje, Mr. Mitsotakis pointed out: “I expect the acting prime minister to openly and categorically publicly acknowledge that he respects the PRSPA agreement.” He said he would raise the issue at the July 9-11 NATO summit, adding that he hoped logic would prevail.