July 22, 2024

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Clelia Andriolato: Answers about the verbal episode in the theater with the shipowner

An intense episode occurred last Thursday 3/16 at the New World Theatre, when the ship owner was known Alexander – Konstantinos Vernicos during the showStrange feeling in my stomachHe addressed the actors with insulting descriptions.

Despite what happened, the performance did not stop, while the actors continued the flow of the play as usual. A few hours later, the well-known shipowner, in a letter, apologized to the theatrical show’s representatives, after a lawsuit was filed out of court over part of the theatre.

A few days after the aforementioned incident, the camera of the “Our Breakfast” program and the journalist met with some representatives of the show, who told about the specific incident.

He said at the beginning “Anyone who insults our art, the public who has come to see a performance, and especially when freedom of speech and expression is limited, is something that has no place in our work, but in all of them in general.” the Clelia Andriolato.

He continued, “We felt exposed and it was very upsetting. When someone gets stuck while playing, it’s not appropriate. I did not understand what could upset this particular man, but it is none of my business. For me, it’s about being human and having beauty in our lives and our love.”

“Forgiveness is, of course, a wonderful good, which means we accept it and move on. Dejudgmentalism was a move the theater made to support us and it’s very satisfying because it means we have a body behind us that supports us.”

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Dorothea Mercury and Konstantinos Pepys spoke to the show’s camera, as they starred in the show.

See in detail in the video: