May 18, 2024

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Clement will clear his name and is expected to sign for a Greek national team.

Clement will clear his name and is expected to sign for a Greek national team.

In Israel, it was reported that Boris Kleiman informed Bnei Sakhin, through his manager, that he did not accept her proposal because he would continue in Greece and at the same time he would be immediately cleared of any accusation.

the Boris Kleiman overridden by bullet When he got involved in an incident with a student from abroad at KolonakiBecause of that, he was taken to the Public Prosecutor, who tried him. After his apology, he was released by paying 20,000 euros as a guarantee, while confirming from the first moment that he was innocent.

After his release, many of his bands Israel They wanted to get him so that he could go back to his country, but today (24/6) it is reported that he will stay in his country. Hellas He is very close to signing with another team.

As I mentioned Hot brown He made him an offer but the 33-year-old goalkeeper turned it down because he had basically agreed with a club from our hometown. He added, “His representative asked him to speed up the contacts, but he informed Bani Sukhin in the morning that he had rejected her proposal. Kleiman is expected to sign with a team in the Greek first division and at the same time “close” the case in Greece that bothered him a few months ago. He is expected to provide evidence.” He will clear his name of all charges. website.