April 18, 2024

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European Team Championship: With Tendoglu, Stefanidis and other counter-attack players, the national team in Silesia

European Team Championship: With Tendoglu, Stefanidis and other counter-attack players, the national team in Silesia

Two heavyweights of the national team, Miltos Tedoglu and Katerina Stefanidis, battle it out for the Round of 16, on the second day of the European Team Championships in Silesia.

The second day in European Team Championship In Silesia and the Horzów stadium, it’s a great opportunity for the national team to cover lost ground in a bid to stay in the top flight.

After the first 12 games played on Friday (23/6), Greece entered 15 And the penultimate place in the standings, 15 points away from salvation.

the Saturday (24/6) The heavy weapons of the national team, in the faces of Miltos Tedoglu and Katerina Stefanidis, take turns, hoping to bring in their respective firsts and enter. 32 points in Greece bag.

Miltos Tedoglou will enter the long points battle at 16:20. It’s the big name of competition and Race record holder with 8.38 m. From 2021 to Cluj-Napoca Romania.

However, his task will not be easy, the Greek Olympic champion who achieved the best jump this year in the open track at 8.26 meters. From May 25th in Limassol, he will have to face the Swiss decathlon, Simon Eamer which prevailed a few days ago in Oslo with 8.32 million.

The 18-year-old Italian will also take part in the match, Mattia Forlani with an 8.24 m. From Hengelo meeting (4/6), the French, Tom Campagne with 8.19 m. From June 10, the Swede T.IObia Modler With a better record in 2023 at 8.19 metres. Since January.

In the women’s pole vault (16:55), the great names are in Group A. the Katrina Stefanidis with 4.55 m. This year in the open from Doha (5/5) and the Finnish European Champion, Vilma Murtaughwith 4.75 million from June 13 in Turku are the ones that stand out.

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But they will not be alone. Three more athletes with this year’s record of 4.61 metres. Out in the open, they can become particularly dangerous, is the Italian woman, Roberta Bruni, Czech Republic, Amali Svabikova And the experienced Swiss, Angelica MoserWhile the 24-year-old French woman, Margot Severer 15 days ago, it exceeded 4.71 million. In Paris.

The result of Tentoglou and Stefanidis seems to be the basis of the national team’s counterattack, but it is not enough in itself.

The national team is betting on its experience on the second day Costas Dovalides in 110 AD. imp, from Kostas AnastasakOr in hammer throwing, to the healthy Spiridula caridis (triple) f Elizabeth Besredo in 100 m. emp. , While there are also beginners in such a process Sergius Diakostefanis (1500m), Dimitris Levantinos (400 AD Empire) and Georgia Dispolaris (800 m), as well Dimitra Janavikor at an altitude of 400 m. Empires and being proof of the 6th place of Harris Zenidakis In the 800m, why not, let’s not hope for a good harvest from these guys.

Saturday Program – Greek entries

ERT2 16.00)
16:10 Men’s Hammer Throw (Michalis Anastazakis)
16:20 men’s height (miltos tintoglu)
16:55 Women’s pole vault group (Katrina Stefanidis)
16:55 Women’s pole vault, Group B
17:05 Men’s 110m (Costas Dovalidis)
17:15 Men’s hammer throw, sixth attempt
17:25 Women’s 100m Hurdles (Elisavet Besredo)
17:36 The length of the sixth attempt is men
17:50 800 pm. Women (Georgia discolaris)
18:10 1500m men (Sergios Diakostefanis)
18:15 Men’s Discus Throw (Dimitris Pavlidis)
18:26 Women’s triple jump (Spiridula caridis)
18:40 400m women’s relay (Dimitra Janavaki)
19:05 400m men’s relay (Dimitris Levantinos)
19:20 Men’s discus throw, sixth attempt
19:30 4 x 100m women (national team)
19:41 Women’s triple jump, sixth attempt
19:50 Men’s 4 x 100m (team)

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