February 22, 2024

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Closing for fear of “revenge” after all… | Blog – George Tsakiris

Closing for fear of “revenge” after all… |  Blog – George Tsakiris

Giorgos Tsakiris realizes that the stadiums had to be closed eventually so we wouldn't get worse, explains why it all didn't make sense and has an appendix…

It was very difficult, the truth is the weather and at a great price for some teams, with Stadiums closed in GreeceSome paid more, others less! We are counting down now Let the Greek football league and cup matches begin again in the presence of fans. More than that, in fact There are two weeks left for the stands to open again And to fill the seats that they paid for, the truth is expensive, friends of every team since in the era in which we live, everything costs more than it should… Of course, there is no talk about compensation, from a government that chose to evacuate the stadiums and not go to the final part of it, where the organizers go. If they decide that they are the problem with the stadium violence (because this is what the state itself shouted about with its actions)…

Because, very simply, it is possible for the organized fans to be closed for all the important teams with dynamism in the organized part and not everyone pays for them and for families not to be removed from the stadiums. Let us not forget, moreover, that the completely unacceptable and illogical decision to close the football stadiums was taken only on the occasion of the events and the killing of a police officer that took place outside the sports area, but on the occasion of a volleyball match! Even smaller groups based in the governorate were also subjected to the same penalties. Among the major teams, the biggest costs are the championship teams. All this had no meaning or substance for something that had nothing to do with the stadiums and their operation.

Certainly, especially the AEK team, which since last year has been witnessing a series of the largest attendances in its home stadium, where during the year and a half of operation there was not the slightest problem with accidents in any match that the “yellow and black” presented to the new Philadelphia! If we exclude the tension that existed last season for some time with the EL.AS forces. In Al Bustan, in any match, for the Greek League and Cup, or for Europe, there was not the slightest incident that would justify any penalty… And yet the Etihad Stadium, which proved to have gathered the largest number of people than anyone else, was closed, because what we witnessed in Rentis happened and caused the officer's life to be unjustly lost.

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It goes without saying that the reason for closing the stadiums is ultimately to save the state and the government from any retaliation and extremist reaction from the colleagues of the police officer, who unfortunately is no longer with us! This is proven by the fact that the changes that were proposed and in whose decision we participated by everyone who had no idea and held meetings on the occasion of the issue of alleged violence in stadiums, where we have not seen cases for years (if we exclude those that were deliberately made only this year and last year by the team’s fans) will happen after Opening of stadiums. I mean the changes related to cameras (they were in major stadiums) and tickets, according to what we heard from government representatives themselves…

They closed it due to chaos outside the stadiums, they should have expected everything for their opening!

It is not very unreasonable for them to decide to close the stadiums so that there are no reprisals and no conflict between EL.AS and the fans because they believe from the state that they cannot control anything and no one for that matter! It is a statement of weakness, and yet another truth that everyone acknowledges. Because as in the whole world, they deal with these events through their legislation and not through lockdown decisions, so here in Hellastan, we should have had similar movements. The laws are more than adequate and the penalties are harsh, more so than elsewhere, for fan violence, meaning they should simply be enforced, as has been the case for years.

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Unfortunately, rings With loss of life Fans and police, we've lived everywhere and this happens (badly) almost every year, and nowhere has a decision been made to close. A few days ago, there was an uproar in the field and in England, which was mentioned by the unconcerned people who point fingers and write – they say the easy thing: they do not want to find a solution here… The truth is that it is a social problem in the whole world as we found with the situation He fled to France, Italy, Germany and England and goes… writes! Of course also in Champions League and European matches, as we see since every week we have matches, there are also reports of major incidents between fans of both teams…

Just when the situation changes with tickets and the method of receipt, the Stars have to think a little about the part of giving away a ticket to a friend who lives in the countryside and may not be able to attend the game as well. As for the elderly who do not have the ability to own a new technology cell phone… except If they think they can make a fuss over 55 and 60 year olds for the sake of it and deprive them of one of the few (for some unique) pleasures I have left for them! They had months to think, work and plan everything at the level of detail related to the categories mentioned above. Plus tickets for children under 10 to 14 years of age who (it's a good idea not to) do not have a mobile phone in their possession.

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Moreover, I repeat, moreover, for the murder of Alkis and Michalis (honestly nothing is closed for his life, everything is fine, but also his killers, natural and moral, are mocked) even of the policeman, absolutely no playground, not a single My name is the official, or no ticket, no camera didn't work at some football stadium! Something of course the people of the government know well and not only… Even if they did not think about some of the details, they have more than two weeks until the 17th and 18th of February so that there is not the slightest problem in the air before reopening the stadiums that were closed without anything happening in them. Something severe for years!

Yes: I read, I listened, they sent me dozens of messages on social media and not just about strengthening the team and whether something will be done today or tomorrow… If it is clear that this will happen today or tomorrow, an event will happen: No Men may differ: I say that according to the dates, the day after tomorrow the bird will fly! For AEK, nothing has changed and it is clear that it is working with the aim and purpose of being able to close any of those it wants in view of the next (correctly the following) season without, however, there has been any substantive development until this morning with some cases of players The football players who were proposed and those responsible (Almeida, Kone, Koharski) for planning the competition have been highlighted… A little patience and we will see if there will be an addition or not. The important thing is that, based on what Almeida said, he is not burning for an addition, meaning that he is not missing a piece of the puzzle to achieve the goal of retaining the championship title! Let's see what we will see during today and tomorrow.