February 22, 2024

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sportdog.dr | Escape directions Hwang – AEK pays… Olympiacos

sportdog.dr |  Escape directions Hwang – AEK pays… Olympiacos

The role of Milojevic and the revelation of Trefoil! Evangelos Mitchos presents the data on the South Korean who wants to leave Red Star and conveys information about the last step sought by the Greens until January 31. What did the Getafe player say to his compatriot who lives in Athens?

Hwang/1: He would have come to AEK last June, and he and Pineda were the first additions Almeyda requested (he knew him from MLS as a rival, and he was in Vancouver). He didn't want to come to Greece at that time, and Al-Ittihad didn't play in Europe either. A month later, of course, he came to Olympiacos, but to be convinced, a motivating role was played by the big English company that represented him, Base (which did a lot of work with Marinakis), which of course he parted ways with last summer! In a day, Hwang did not leave in the best way or with the best memories last September from Greece and Olympiacos and found refuge in Red Star (he was tempted by the prospect of playing in the Champions League), who paid a transfer fee of 5,500,000 all red and white. At least this amount was announced, which makes it the most expensive purchase in the history of the first Serbian club!! TNow 27-year-old Huang, who made 18 appearances and two assists for E Asteras, is once again showing signs of escaping from… Belgrade, even though he has a contract until 2026. There are also some financial problems for the standouts, as They remained outside Europe, with the Serbian League not moving to Bium.

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Hwang/2: Where there is smoke, there is also fire, and this is also true in the case of the South Korean international midfielder with the Greek club AEK. It is very difficult for Union, because Vladan Milojevic was a coach at Red Star, who, although he did not flourish on the bench of AEK (resigned), maintains a good relationship with the Melissanidis environment and can “create” a team. …a bridge. On the other hand, let us not forget the traditional relationship between Olympiacos and Red Star, at all levels. However, it certainly all starts from the financial side, since for a sale higher than the amount Red Star bought them for, a percentage must also be paid to Olympiacos!

Huang/3: At the beginning of 2024, in an in-flight examination conducted by one of the Bundesliga teams regarding the sale amount, Red Star’s answer was… “7 million euros”! Logically, because it was…the first price and because we are talking about the Serbs, if they entered into negotiations they would definitely decrease from the amount mentioned above. For reference, Red Star's last highest sale was last summer, with 8 million for goalkeeper Erakovic at Zenit and a few days ago (22/1) with 7,500,000 euros for 18-year-old right-back Nedeljkovic at Aston Villa! Therefore, he – in theory – would be worth just as much to AEK as… Pineda!

Maksimovic/1: To a friend of a citizen living in Athens, who spoke to him this morning (Monday), the Serbian international midfielder said that they will not give him away now, and as of June he will be a Panathinaikos player! Of course, the column reported from the first moment that Getafe's problem would not be financial but … competitive, so that in January they would leave / sell him to Clover. As I see in the Panathinaikos report, the same… feeling is coming out, which is that Maksimovic will come in June so that Terem can build on him in their new – very strong – midfield for the treble. With a triple Maksimović/Aarau – Pacasita!!

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Maksimovic/2: This time the column will go… against everyone and will keep… the case until January 31. After all, this was one of those cases where he had been told from the beginning that he wanted… style and intelligent management. After the Toumba derby, the team's problem this year and the need to get a midfielder – a “breakwater” has increased even more. This is exactly the case with Nemanja Maksimovic and as is common in the Greek-Spanish agent market, the Alvozos have given the order… to turn on their spare parts, even if they can bring the Serbian player to Panathinaikos from now on!! ! This is the deal Terim needs now, as he is sacrificing for… one or two transfers they were thinking of doing that apparently… were scrapped (front and wing).

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