June 12, 2024

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Conflict in Souffle and Dadia – Efros burns for two weeks

Conflict in Souffle and Dadia – Efros burns for two weeks

Nearly 1.4 million acres have burned

The several-kilometre-long fiery front in Evros remains out of control, despite the efforts of powerful firefighters there trying to tame the flames.

Ominously, the residents of Soufli and Dadia spend another dramatic night, with tongues of fire burning the forest, while the Mitsotakis government disavows all responsibility for the deadly fire and the massive environmental disaster it has caused – with the Prime Minister even bordering on arrogance and vulgarity when speaking in Parliament. .

The barometer that determines where the fire will move is the change in wind direction. According to an afternoon update from the fire department, strong firefighting forces in Evros operate mainly between the areas of Sovlje, Cornovolia, Dadia, Cotronia, Sidero and Giannulli.

as mentioned e-evrosEruptions continue in Soufli and Dadia, there are sporadic outbreaks towards Giannulli, while the toxic cloud descends as far as Alexandroupoli.

In total, 582 firefighters are working in Evros, with 16 infantry groups and 122 vehicles. At first light, planes will fly again in a new attempt to control the huge fire.

ITE: 1,400,000 acres burned

The ITE (Technology and Research Foundation) Remote Sensing Laboratory, using automated AI algorithms developed to analyze and process satellite data for NASA, ESA and #Planet, has identified and recorded the largest burned areas throughout the Greek territory with high precision. :

As shown, this summer’s unfortunate losses amount to approximately 1,400,000 acres of burned land. It should be noted that in just a month and a half, approximately 2.5% of the country’s vegetation was destroyed.

Thus, according to ITE, the burned areas amount to each area as follows:

  • Alexandroupoli: 715,000 acres (08/19-08/30)
  • Rhodes: 156,100 acres (07/19-07/27)
  • Dervenochoria: 112,000 acres (07/17-07/21)
  • Volos: 77,100 acres (07/26-07/28)
  • Parnitha: 56,900 acres (08/22-08/28)
  • Tarsus Boeotia: 48,800 acres (08/22-08/25)
  • Covaras Attica: 35,500 acres (07/17-07/19)
  • Prodromus Boeotia: 34,300 acres (08/21-08/24)
  • Megalo Pesto Komotini: 21,700 acres (08/23-08/24)
  • Corfu: 21,300 acres (07/24-07/27)
  • Platanistos Evia: 18,000 acres (07/23-07/25)
  • Diakopto Peloponnese: 15,200 acres (07/24-07/24)
  • Xanthi: 12,100 acres (08/22-08/24)
  • Loutraki, Attica: 11,000 acres (07/18-07/19)
  • Kythnos: 6,900 acres (08/20-08/20)
  • Psachna Evia: 5200 acres (08/21-08/22)
  • New Monastery of Fthiotida: 4,500 acres (07/26-07/26)
  • Gratini Komotini: 4200 acres (08/22-08/24)
  • Macramomii Phthiotida: 3,300 acres (08/24-08/24)
  • Doxaras Larissa: 3,100 acres (08/18-08/18)
  • Narthaki Larissa: 3000 acres (08/25-08/25)
  • Scopia Larissa: 3000 acres (08/30-08/30)
  • Daphne Laconia: 2,700 acres (07/20-07/20)
  • Polygyrus Halkidiki: 2400 acres (08/22-08/23)
  • Chios: 900 acres (07/31-07/31)
  • Zakynthos: 500 acres (08/13-08/13)
  • Grevina Desks: 500 acres (03/08-03/08)
  • Kato Vasilika from Larissa: 400 acres (08/26-08/26)

← An additional 5,000 acres were burned in the Evros region during the days 29-30/8.

High stakes on Saturday as well

Unfortunately, it does not look like the Evros region may find peace this Saturday either, as according to the meteorologist, “The risk of wind-driven forest fires is expected to be high in Attica (mainly east), Boeotia, K. and N. Evia, and Argolis, E. Laconia, Samothraki, Lesvos, Chios, Ikaria, Cyclades, Rhodes, and locally in the Rhodope, Evros, Corinth, and S. Crete.”