April 18, 2024

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Conversations after the chase

Conversations after the chase

The policemen’s conversations are shocking from the manhunt in Aspropyrgos that resulted in the death of a 29-year-old policeman.

Light is seen through Symbolic appealsThe 29-year-old special constable called for help from his colleagues after the chase that claimed his life.

A 29-year-old uniformed man is recalled to have died in a traffic accident involving an EL.AS patrol car on the Athens-Corinth highway, at the height of Komoundouros Lake in Aspropyrgos. Two special constables of the DIAS team They were in the car that crashed into the patrol car During a chase.


Business Center: A colleague to coolly inform colleagues about the situation and the right point.

Police Officer: From … after Lake Koumoundourou in the bend, an ambulance should come from the stream to Athens.

Business Center: Received, reported to them, Athens – reported to them in Corinth, right?

Police Officer: ok In Athens – Corinth. A colleague has been dumped.

Business Center: Received, received. Updating… Updating now.

Police Officer: Please set up a station (police car) at our height in Athens, on the current to Athens as soon as possible. Request

Business Center: One station…amplify it. Where are you.. where are you exactly?

Police Officer: Elevation of traffic, on the current to Athens, a station to be cut. There’s a colleague in the hallway, please.

Business Center: A station at Lake Koumoundourou, to cut off the nation, fortify. There is a colleague on the corridor.

Police Officer: We leave the second attempt and go there. This is what we have.

Business Center: Received, received, current to Athens.

Police Officer: In the center, a colleague is in the back of a patrol car and… please, ambulance soon…

Business Center: They have been informed.

Police Officer: Tell me which hospital is on duty, at least one alive colleague can be transferred to the hospital immediately, center.

How did the chase go?

First, the immediate action call center A call came in about an attempted theft of a parked car In Nice.

Up to that point The police came The foreigners who were stealing the car fled the scene with one vehicle and the other with the stolen vehicle.

Follow along Harassment At Aspropyrgos to the Athens-Corinth National Road. At the height of Lake Koumoundourou, the lead criminal managed to turn and escape, but his 20-year-old accomplice – who was driving a stolen car – continued on his way, with the police following him.

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At one point, the criminal tried A sudden change of direction with a dangerous maneuver, hit the wall and stopped. The police officer who was driving the following patrol car braked hard to avoid the action of his vehicle.

Motorcycle of the DIAS team But he had no time to brakeAs a result he fell violently into the back of the patrol car and the two police officers were seriously injured.

guilty He was arrested At the scene, the two injured police officers were taken to Triazio Hospital, and shortly after, the 29-year-old police officer and the driver of the service motorcycle ended up.

His 32-year-old colleague, who was also seriously injured, was later transferred to the 401 Army Hospital, where he has been intubated.

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