April 13, 2024

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He hid his cell phone in a laundry basket to track his wife

He hid his cell phone in a laundry basket to track his wife

Suspecting that he had allegedly cheated on his wife, he hid his mobile phone in a laundry basket in the bathroom of their home. But in the end, the 38-year-old from Larissa found himself a prisoner after his wife sued him for violating the law on personal data.

On New Year's Day, the 38-year-old was arrested by police officers from his local department, and the next day he was brought before a criminal misdemeanor prosecutor, he ordered. More preliminary research FOR THE DIRECTORATE OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OF EL.AS. To recover data from a 38-year-old cell phone, this The wife burst into anger.

According to “Eleftheria”, the 38-year-old said he committed the act – he described “The Movement of Despair”– and in order “Not to lose his wife.” However, he will be prosecuted for violating personal privacy and communications as provided in the Criminal Code, “unlawfully monitoring by means of special technical means or intercepting a verbal conversation that is not publicly conducted or captured in a physical medium. The non-public physical medium act of another”, a crime punishable by a minimum of one year in prison.

A 38-year-old man has lodged a complaint at the police station regarding the incident Personal And Family disputes, ignoring the consequences of the law, decided to put his mobile phone in the bathroom of the house at noon on December 31st, hiding it in the laundry basket, so as not to be noticed. Registration as”Private moments of his family members, without their knowledgeEL.AS was told.. The wife destroyed the phone after realizing the 38-year-old man's action.

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However, the telephone device – rendered inoperable due to damage caused by the wife – was confiscated by EL.AS. The data must be sent to a laboratory for testing to retrieve it.

The complainant complained that the mobile phone was kept in the bathroom and was switched on, recording the area, according to the arrested husband, the mobile phone was indeed switched on, but only to record – explained. To investigate the veracity of the husband's suspicions.

After a case was filed against him, he was arrested on New Year's afternoon, but was finally released the next day, following the deputy prosecutor's decision to order a preliminary hearing.