February 26, 2024

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Thessaloniki: Wild Tree… a parking space

Thessaloniki: Wild Tree… a parking space

Three people spent the New Year in hospital after being severely beaten for the location of their car. In Sykes, Thessaloniki, on the morning of the first day of the year, two young men were returning from their trip when an unimaginable incident unfolded.

Three men, aged 22, 22 and 25, observed two of their colleagues as their car stopped them. Until the young man took it away, … the hot-blooded assailants beat his friend, while on his return he was given the same treatment, and the three men severely assaulted him in the face and elsewhere. voria.gr.

The father of one of the victims heard the screams and ran to help the two youths. The trio then left, but returned a few minutes later with two more men, who together attacked the father with crowbars and stones, injuring him all over the body and head.

Five people – including a woman – were arrested, all of whom have a criminal past.

They were taken to the public prosecutor, who brought criminal charges against them for repeated grievous bodily harm and referred them for trial to the Autonomous Single-Member Court of Misdemeanors in Thessaloniki.

The trial was adjourned to September due to the absence of lawyers.

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