February 22, 2024

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This is the new big tunnel being built in Macedonia – when will it be ready?

This is the new big tunnel being built in Macedonia – when will it be ready?

Travel between the two Macedonian cities will become faster and safer once the new one is completed Tunnel.

One vision to perfection Western Macedonia Implementation today Clesaurus tunnelA very important part of the new provincial road which is part of the road axis Kastoria-Dolmyda.

The new provincial road is long 10.4 km Total width of asphalt pavement is 8.0 m., incl A traffic lane 3.75 m wide in each direction and an additional 0.25 m wide guideway. In areas with elevation gradient of more than 6%, a 3.5 m wide slow speed lane has been added. For movement of heavy vehicles.

The Klesoras Tunnel is bidirectional Length 1,365 m., 1,383 m with escape tunnel.

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At the same time, the Building a bridge (Koduri Stream) 34.60 m long, Four tunnels, two buildings at the front of the tunnel, but complete restoration of links to the existing local road network.

They are included in the program Earthworks, technical works (box-shaped, tubular culverts, retaining walls), Geotechnical (Reinforced Banks), Drainage, Road Paving, Asphalting, Marking, Security and Demarcation of Impounded Zone, Road and Tunnel E/M Installations, Greening and Rehabilitation of OKO Networks.

Project cost amount 71.07 million Euros including VAT NSRF 2014-2020 is included in the “Operational Plan of Western Macedonia – financed by the Public Investment Program – co-financed part.

There is contractual authority Egnatia StreetWhen the plan is structured by the organization “actor”, with a 3-year construction schedule.

It is a plan Many advantages for Western MacedoniaIt has been a demand of the local community since the 1990s.

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