February 26, 2024

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Dimitra Katsafato is a victim of theft – €290,000 stolen from his safe

Dimitra Katsafato is a victim of theft – €290,000 stolen from his safe

A victim of theft The businessman fell Dimitra Katsafato.

According to Vassilis Lambropoulos revealed to Live News, The Theft Happened on February 17, 2023 By assistant to Dimitra Katsafados.

According to the report, the 32-year-old grasped Amount from a well-known businessman 290,000 Euros From his home in northeastern Attica. After that, the accused allegedly took away the money. Leaving for Great Britain, There he was found and arrested.

After an international arrest warrant was issued against him, the accused crossed the threshold of the investigator. The 32-year-old apologized and was released on probation.

“I saw him holding two green garbage bags” – apocalyptic testimony

The testimony of Dimitra Katsafados' housekeeper was a catalystHe described how he saw the defendant holding two green garbage bags containing €290,000 in his hands.

“When I came home, a red-silver car was parked outside and an unknown person was talking on a mobile phone. I asked him why he came here and he replied that he was waiting for the accused.

“I entered the house with my own key, but at the door I met the accused He had green garbage bags in his hands that looked like the company's money. He gave these bags to an unidentified person who was waiting in the car.

A member of Dimitra Katsafado's family background told police officers:The defendant had been an employee of the company with housekeeping duties for about two years and was a confidant of the victim.. Although he maintains the house and stays in it on a rotating basis, he does not have the keys and does not have anything to do with managing the company's money. But he knows about the locker inside the house where the money is kept and the location of the key to open that locker.

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Speaking to Mega, Dimitra Katsafatos' brother, Nikos Malakodimos, emphasized his submission. complaint The theft was discovered on the same day.

“The tag came for fingerprinting and they saw the money missing. This person was found to have crossed the border in Albania the same day,” Mr. Malakodimos said.

“It is the money that a company has and deposits in banks because it comes from the company's retail sales,” he added.