October 1, 2023

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Cooperation with it is a request and we seek it

Cooperation with it is a request and we seek it

The famous actor Aris Servetalis spoke on the program “Morning se eidon” and, among others, talked about his wife, Evi Berba, about the show in which she plays the lead role, but also about his plans.

On the occasion of the tour of the theatrical show “The Frogs”, Aris Servitalis spoke about his wife, Evi Berba, with whom he is working this summer. Effie Berba has the “eye” for Aristophanes’ play.

More specifically, Aris Servitalis admitted: “Cooperation with Efi is always a request. We like it and are pursuing it.

There is easy and difficult, as in everything. The easy thing is that you can say more things, you instantly understand what the other person wants and things get done faster.

The difficulty is 24 hours a day and you are busy with work. But in any case, work follows us at home 24 hours a day.”

Aris Servitalis went on to say: “When I quit smoking, the first thing I realized was how many things were confusing me. At the first opportunity when I felt embarrassed, I lit a cigarette.

I also feel embarrassed by interviews where I have to reveal all my thoughts and say supposedly profound things in a short period of time.

“I would be happy to do a series if there is something I could be involved in,” Aris Servitalis noted, revealing that he will be working with his wife in the winter as well.