February 22, 2024

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Countdown to Big Market Payouts: Who will see the money in their accounts?

Countdown to Big Market Payouts: Who will see the money in their accounts?

Until January 8, 2024 they had the possibility to apply for Market corridor, who meet the conditions. Requests for financial support for food are now closed.

Final checks on all financial aid applicants, especially regarding family members, are conducted penultimately Expected date of payments. The monitoring includes both beneficiaries who received the application in previous cycles of Market Pass and receive assistance for the months of August – October 2023 automatically, as well as new applicants. After verifying and meeting the conditions, the necessary action will be taken Premium.

When are beneficiaries' funds disbursed?

Beneficiaries who applied after October 31, 2023 and by January 8, 2024 will see the funds deposited in their bank accounts or digital debit card via January 15, 2024. Digital cards will remain active until February 29, 2024.

Beneficiaries' money

the financial aidIt amounts to 10% of the amount of monthly purchases up to 1,000 euros, while its amount starts from 22 euros per month, for families consisting of one person, to be increased by 10 euros, for each additional member of the family. However, this purchase limit does not apply to beneficiaries who have more than six dependent children.

Request denied – what citizens can do

In the event that the assistance deposit to the digital debit card or to his or her bank account is rejected, the applicant, who will be informed by any appropriate means, will have the right to make the necessary corrections after January 8, 2024 and resubmit the application until January 26, 2024.

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