February 26, 2024

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Everything is changing in driving licenses – why all drivers must pass a doctor's examination

Everything is changing in driving licenses – why all drivers must pass a doctor's examination

Taking road safety into account, the European Parliament's Transport Committee supports mandatory medical examinations during the issuance and renewal of certificates.

In favor of the application Mandatory medical examinations Whether when issuing or renewing driving licences, the Transport Committee of the European Parliament decided in December 2023, in the context of evaluating the package of measures for Promoting road safety On EU methods presented by the Commission last March.

According to the European Parliament's Transport Committee (TRANS), every person sitting behind the wheel must be in the car Best possible conditionPhysically and mentally, with her in mind Seamless coexistence With other road users.

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Meanwhile, TRANS members agreed that power The number of car and motorcycle driving licenses must not be less than 15 years old (In Greece, renewal is mandatory every 15 years).

Driving test period for new drivers

At the same time, the European Parliament's Transport Committee voted in favor of implementing this decision Mandatory trial period At least two years for them new drivers, During which they will be subjected to more severe penalties DeterminantsCompared to other drivers.

Driving License

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For example will They are punished more severely If they adopt dangerous driving behavior, while the alcohol limit will be 0.2 g/L when they are sitting behind the wheel.

At the same time, in order to address the shortage of professional drivers, Trans believes that it should be allowed to obtain a driving license for trucks and buses with a capacity of up to 16 passengers from Persons aged 18 years, Provided that they have a certificate of professional competence. In addition, older people 17 years old They can also be eligible Truck driving licence If accompanied by an experienced guide.

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New driving lessons

Finally, he suggests driving lessons review, So that potential drivers appear Appropriate behavior And appropriate feedback in real road conditions. The goal is to introduce them to a way of driving where vulnerable road users will be protected, will not use a mobile phone, and will know how to use modern automobile systems, You will drive in a way that reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

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