February 20, 2024

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Creators exploded the other day: 'We've fallen victim to a hate campaign'

Creators exploded the other day: 'We've fallen victim to a hate campaign'

A few hours ago, as we informed you, yesterday Forever entered into the treasury of history. Officially, its servers have been shut down for good, just 45 days after launch. In the wake of the disastrous launch of a Steam game that was previously the best in terms of users wishlisting it, anonymous former Fntastic employees have revealed what happened behind the scenes.

Specifically, in a damning interview with the broker Dual shocksformer members of the studio blamed management, saying that the development team's ideas and suggestions were ignored, that bosses would often demand massive changes depending on their mood, and that if anyone disagreed they would lose their job, and as a result development continued to be delayed.

Following these accusations, Fntastic decided to break their silence and publicly denied the allegations made by the alleged former employees. Overall, the team defended its project, criticized reviewers and bloggers for creating a “hate campaign,” and maintained that it had done everything it promised.

Below you'll find the studio's entire announcement, plus the relevant excerpt, translated into Greek:

And who made money from it the day before;

Some bloggers have made a lot of money, creating fake content with huge titles from scratch, to gain views and fans, taking advantage of the lack of information about the development of the game. Their actions caused a gold rush among content creators due to the popularity of the game's pre-release.

Why do they say that the released game is not the same as the one in the game Trailers and why was the game closed?

We've implemented everything we've seen in the trailers, from home improvements and detailed worlds to off-road vehicles. We only disabled some simple features like parkour due to bugs, but we planned to include them in the full release.


The negative bias instilled by some bloggers who profited from the hate has affected people's perceptions of the game. Check out unbiased gameplay like Dr. Disrespect in trading. Despite the initial bugs and server issues, which we later fixed, he loved the game. The game received improved reviews over the weekend. Unfortunately, the hate campaign has already caused serious damage.

By the way, after the sale ended, many people wrote to us that they had been deceived by bloggers and that they liked the game and asked to access it again. We've also heard that signatures have started gathering for continued development, and while the game's price on the black market has surpassed $200, some people have even started creating their own mods.