February 22, 2024

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Big changes to iPhone and the App Store

Big changes to iPhone and the App Store

Apple has announced that some fundamental changes to the way it operates are coming iPhone and its applications (App Store).

Specifically, Apple is now subject to a new EU law that will allow users for the first time To download applications on their devices and off App Store.

This is an important change that will affect the way in which, e.giOS apps are streaming.

Apple was strongly supportive It's the opposite To such a measure, saying it exposes iPhone users to many security risks since the applications will no longer be under the company's control.

However, EU legislation aims to To level the playing field between the tech giants And those who want to be active on its platform.

In particular, iPhones will have the App Store, as we know it even today, but also… Special edition for iPhone owners in Europe. This separate European app store will allow users to install other app stores and do what is called sideloading.

The deadline for the tech giant to implement these changes is March 7.

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