April 19, 2024

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Criminal case for abusing Oliver

Criminal case for abusing Oliver

A criminal case was brought by the authorities for Oliver's torture death in Arsoa. A specific person “targeted” by the authorities.

Developments are underway Case of Oliver's deathA husky who was abused and tragically died in Arsova last November.

In particular, according to the information sent by SKAI, the prosecutor's office of Livadia practiced A criminal case against a particular person.

Although this is an important development in a case that has shocked the whole of Greece, It is not yet clear if it is a new person or not.

The same source said that the announcements are expected within the next week, the eyes of a person who has again occupied the authorities in the past.

It is recalled that at the beginning of this year, an urgent preliminary examination was launched to verify the commission of official criminal acts prosecuted by the Livadia Chief Prosecutor's Office.

At the behest of the Office of the Advocate of the Supreme Court, the investigation began Related Publications Around the ongoing police investigation.

Husky death: 'Only a human could have caused what happened to Oliver'

Nikos Giannetsos, husband and assistant to the veterinarian who examined the unfortunate animal, insisted in his last statement that Oliver's abuse and death came from a human factor in his initial assessment.

In fact, he pointed out in his post, “People and services will suffer” if the truth behind the dog's cruelty comes to light.

“This is the second time I'd like to say a few words about Oliver. I was present at his autopsy from start to finish. I have all the facts, how it was done, what they said, who did it, and if it was correct, why. I've been away for days and don't want to go into details. .People, services will be affected, truths will come out. That is not my intention. But it would be better if some people don't exaggerate it because my wife does not like publicity, conflict and does the job she loves with calmness and dedication.

Don't take it as a weakness. I know almost everything about this Oliver incident and I don't want to waste my time proving the obvious. But be aware that not everything I know is being told, whether it is leaked from authorities, professors or anyone else. I'm sure how and what happened to Oliver. Indeed, after research, we know the way and the reason why something like this can happen, as it happened to the unfortunate Oliver, and only one man can cause it. Please let the authorities decide. All details are provided. I believe that everything will be done fairly and according to the evidence. We cannot condemn anyone. Justifiably there are various opinions with displeasure about what is being said or expressed about it. But nothing is finalized until it is officially announced. The guards also have knowledge. Be patient, have a merry Christmas with peace and love”.

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