April 13, 2024

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Patras: Incredible accident at night foot parade – Loudspeaker falls on festival woman's head

Patras: Incredible accident at night foot parade – Loudspeaker falls on festival woman's head

Patras is moving into Carnival style, with thousands of visitors flooding the city's streets and taking part in festivities that last until tomorrow night, when the closing ceremony and the burning of the Festival King take place.

The night parade took place on Saturday afternoon (16/3), with more than 60,000 festival goers and 181 groups taking part, more than any other year.

However, the march was marked by a major accident. As reported by Tempo 24, one of the speakers set up on the side of the road to broadcast music fell on the girl's head and injured her.

When he immediately went to the ambulance station to provide first aid, an incredible accident happened at the height of Kolokotroni Street.

The program ends tomorrow with Brahmotsavam

Carnival events in the city will continue till tomorrow. At noon the traditional grand parade takes place, with the municipality's carnival floats leading the way and crews following their floats and constructions.

According to the announced ritual, the Sunday parade will be topped by municipal music, followed by municipal floats: “Probombos”, “Carnival King – The King of Globalization”, Queen's Float Queen of the Fatherland Carnival 2024 Georgia Chaka, Flower Float, “Smile” Inspired by the film “Circus Dancers”, John Lennon with flowers and peace babies, and the children's carnival “Carnival Baby”, “Journey with”. fantasy', 'carousel', 'moon', 'dog', 'centipede', 'inguana' and 'circus'.

At the end of Sunday's grand parade, chocolate war floats will line up

Crews would follow with their own chariots or large wheeled structures. In particular, the crew's 28 floats, which only parade on Sunday, are of concern to the crew:

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40 “Ke….washers”, 1 “Patrinal Carnival Strategists”, 15+31+183 “Rave Wild”, 222 “Pop”, 53 “Metamorfosis”, 60 “Led Zeppelin”, 210 GEN-AI-2024, 11 “Dan…Perfect”, 41 “Type and Underline”, 77 “Crème de la Crème”, 135 “Legion Tralala”, 62 “Pula La”, 128 “Tasala-Fetinoy”, 211 “Mage Mele”, 78 “The Freak Show”, 30 “Naha Lips Eyes”, 225 “Shall We Catch the Lantern Again?”, 58 “Wane – Kings”, 204 “Lollipops”, 178 “The Barber of Seville”, 114 “Tympanists (Dapa Tuba) ) “, 105 “PA..PARIS DAKAR”, 170 “Kimono”, 4 “Oil Gold Merchants”, 245 “ARCH-HOUSES”, 104 “Zerzela and Harlequins in the Worlwind dance…”, 24 “Wake up my Santa Because We're Lost”, 215 “Rock 'n' Roll Baby Disco”.

At the end of the big parade on Sunday, the floats of the Chocolate War parade, continuing the tradition of throwing chocolate unchanged over time, to the delight of onlookers on the pavements, balconies of Corinth and George I Square.