April 24, 2024

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Thessaloniki: Androgynous hides seven kilos of heroin in rocks – €20,000 found on him

More than seven kilos of heroin, hidden in rocks in the Thessaloniki area, were seized by police officers from the security sub-directorate of Serres, who arrested an androgynous man for violating the law on drugs and for disobedience.

In particular, yesterday at noon and after the coordinated actions of the police, an androgynous person was seen getting into a vehicle, while he did not obey the signal of the police and tried to avoid the control.

Police seized 19,840 Euros and two cars used for illegal activities.

They stashed drugs in the rocks

In the possession of the couple, three packages of heroin, weighing a total of 327 grams, were found and confiscated, which, it was established, they had previously obtained from an outdoor area in the Thessaloniki area that they had used. To store medicines (case).

Investigations by the Hellenic Police (HEL.AS.) in the area revealed 16 more heroin packets weighing 6kg 679g hidden in the rocks.

1,290 euros were seized from the woman, another 18,550 euros after searching the house they used and two vehicles belonging to the person they used for illegal activities.

Those arrested will be brought to the First Prosecutor's Office of Thessaloniki with a case registered against them.

Source: RES

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