July 22, 2024

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“Cristiano Ronaldo is tough and wants to win every day. Now I feel like a Greek.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo is tough and wants to win every day. Now I feel like a Greek.”

Andrei Verania spoke on the Euro Morning Show with Lambros Pallava, Ilias Kalunas and Maria Kovelis. He mentioned the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the championship with PAOK, and of course he talked about his future.

On the Euro Morning Show, with Lambros Pallava, Ilias Kalunas and Marija Kovelis, Andrej Vierinha is hosted. The PAOK captain spoke about the Portuguese team with which he won the UEFA Euro 2016, and referred to his impressions of the tournament, drawing Cristiano Ronaldo, and of course, referring to winning the tournament with the double-headed man.

Andre Verania interview in detail:

About how much he misses the Portuguese national team: “Hey, I miss her. We were together for so many years, and now we’re watching TV, it’s different, and I definitely love being there.”

As for the small stone he placed in 2016: “And after 2004, when unfortunately we couldn’t win it. We had this bitterness, and we didn’t want our career to end, without an important national title. It was something different, and we will carry it until the end of our lives.” We are proud and will never forget when we returned to Portugal.”

On whether the loss of the European Championship in 2004 at the hands of Greece was a motive:certainly. Now I’m happy that Greece won, because I consider myself Greek now. We have reached the end and you cannot give happiness to people who have waited so many years for a European title. In 2016, before participating in the first matches, we also discussed with Santos that we had another chance to make history.”

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On whether he will watch Portugal in the final or even get it: “Yes, I see that. For me, one of the candidates is Portugal.”

About Cristiano Ronaldo: “He’s a footballer who lives for it. He’s a man who if he sets his mind to something, he does everything in his power to achieve it. That’s why he’s still where he is at this age. In the dressing room, he’s one of the best.” And the captain that I met is not the image that everyone has of Cristiano Ronaldo, when you first come to the national team, he is just Ronaldo.

On whether he is in favor: “He’s strict. First with himself and then with the rest. Conveys a win-win mentality to everyone. He wants to win every day, in training and matches. It helps new guys a lot. “Every time he goes to the national championship, you know he’s there to win.”

On whether she has any history with Cristiano and with him:Lots of stories. In a commercial we did in Madrid. We were all traveling there, and he couldn’t leave. We were there for an hour, and he was there all day. He went and slept. He had a small room and disappeared for half an hour. He lives for football, he has invested a lot of money for his body and his health and that is why he is 39 years old and has 40 goals and I think he will be one of the most important players in the Euros.”

Because of his chemistry with the rest of the players: “I think it might be a surprise to some this year, Vitinha. From midfield and striker, Portugal has quality, players who can make a difference. Leao, Bernardo, Ronaldo, you have Gonzalo Ramos, Zota, Fernandes. I think that with the experience that Ronaldo and Pepe have With the players he has, you can expect anything.”

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What team wouldn’t do that: “CaLilia who is waiting for us. I didn’t watch much of the game yesterday. But I liked Romania, as well as Slovakia. All other results, we more or less expected. I did not expect such an easy match for the Spaniards. “All the results, at least for me, I expected.”

Regarding whether there is a comparison process, that is, whether Portugal’s national team this year or 2016 is better:No, we haven’t played the first game yet. If we win first place, we will consider it the best.”

On whether the Euros are great: “Definitely. The security in the country, the organization in the German League. I expected that, I lived there for five years. In terms of organization and security, they are definitely good.” “.

As for Zivkovic, who… is still running: “Let him run. He can handle it.”

And who singled him out: “I didn’t shine. It’s early. I didn’t expect Romania to be this good. I’m impressed.”

On whether there is a new footballer that has caught his interest: I wasn’t paying that much attention. There will definitely be. You said a name that everyone knows by now. We will talk again about Bithynia. I met him from Porto, from the moment he went to Paris he was not the person they were talking about. During the season, everyone started saying that he is one of the most important players, and Enrique also said that.”

Regarding his future if he thinks about becoming a coach: “No. I think at this moment I’m not thinking. I can’t say that something will change tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. At the moment, I don’t see myself as a coach, and I don’t have the ability to do so.” characteristics.”

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On the fact that he loves football, the decision about his future and motivation:Motivation is the joy of going to practice. Once I feel like I can help, I can take it, and my body has the strength, I will continue. I love what I do.”

For the month following the championship win: “It’s something we expected. No one else, I know. We didn’t expect the way and the pressure we were under until the end, but the key was the match against Lamia. If we had won, we might not be talking as champions.” Today was the key to the season. With the exception of the derby we won in Tomba, it was a month of joy and relief. We are preparing for the next season, which will be more difficult.

About whether it’s the best league: “Everyone says it’s the best. For me, it’s the most beautiful. In 2019 I won undefeated. It was different, the way we won the championship.”

For the fact that he loves football and was born for it: “So I see that, otherwise I would have stopped.”