May 18, 2024

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Critics quickly blame Glenn Young for the ice I-95 crisis – though not yet in office

VirginiaGlenn Young, the Republican governor-elect, will not take office until Jan. 15 – although some critics sought to blame him for the 179-mile traffic jam on Interstate 95 instead of Tuesday’s outgoing Democrat post.

Hundreds of passengers – American sen. Including Tim Cain, T-Wah. – They were stuck in their vehicles overnight from Monday to Tuesday in extremely cold conditions on the north third of the highway in Virginia.

However, one of the stranded motorists – New Jersey Parents Joseph Catalano – When he and his family were on their way home from Disney World in Florida, the real incumbent governor, Democrat Ralph Northam, was approached.

Tuesday night “Tucker Carlson tonight,” Host Tucker Carlson blamed many of the outbursts on Young instead of Northam for the crisis.

Drivers are demanding responses from Virginia authorities after the I-95 snow crisis

Carlson pointed to a tweet from anti-Trump Republican pundit Jonah Goldberg, who said, “If it was Glenn Young, I would have flooded the region.” Conditions at Church, while parallel, on the old US Highway 1 were not much better.

The Virginia Department of Transportation has warned motorists to avoid traveling on I-95 until the lanes reopen and congestion eases.

Other critics called it “not a good start” for Young The critic lamented, “Did the new Governor of Virginia, Young, know that the people of I-95 were trapped for 15 hours?”

But Carlson spoke with North Virginia radio presenter Vince Coglianes, who received explanations from Young – despite being falsely blamed for the crisis – and spoke to the media about the snow disaster.

β€œHe seemed so active in a way that Ralph Northam did not,” Cochlearians said, adding that after many motorists had spent cold nights in their vehicles, Northam did not tweet about the crisis until 8am.

“Not even in Glenn Young’s office,” he added.

When some new officers want New York City Mayor Eric Adams took office on Jan. 1, with no nationwide date for any state or local officials to take office.

Cochlear also questioned the absence of a transport secretary Pete Boutique, The I-95 and its West Coast parallel, the Interstate 5, may be the two longest highways in the country.

“Did he do anything to reduce the pressure?” Carlson noted.

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Snow caught up with a few top Washington figures, including Cain, who said he was traveling from Richmond, Virginia to DC, as well as NBC correspondent Joshua Lederman.

Lederman said he was stuck in his vehicle all night on the highway.

Altogether, Interstate 95 runs over 1,900 miles across the Canadian border near Maine, Hulton, serving several major cities on the aforementioned Route 1 around the Brickell neighborhood of Miami.

Greg Norman of Fox News contributed to this report.