May 18, 2024

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Cuban Foreign Minister Gabriel Boricki meets with Cuban Foreign Minister

Photo: ubaCubaMinrex.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez met with Chilean President Gabriel Boricki, who was officially inaugurated during a ceremony at National Congress headquarters this Friday.

Rodriguez, in a message on Twitter, promised to congratulate the war and to extend his congratulations on behalf of President Miguel Diaz-Connell.

In his message, he reiterated his most sincere congratulations on his success in the administration of the forthcoming government and expressed his desire to deepen bilateral relations.

This Friday, the Cuban Foreign Minister held a meeting with the Minister of Interior and Public Defense, Iskia Sisso, who wished him success in his mandate and reiterated his congratulations on the presidential war.

Rodriguez chaired the Cuban delegation, which attended the swearing-in ceremony today, which included the swearing in of members of the new government committee.

During his stay in Chile, the Cuban Foreign Minister met with Maria Begona Yarza, who was appointed Minister of Health this Thursday, and exchanged views with him on the Caribbean experience in the health sector.

The island’s diplomat also met with Chile’s Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Flavio Andrés Salazar, in which the two sides expressed their common interest in expanding cooperation links in correspondence with mutual possibilities.

On that day, he held a meeting with Cuban Foreign Minister Antonia Urrezola, who will accept the direction of South American foreign policy in the new government, and reaffirmed his desire to deepen bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries. .

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Upon his arrival on Chilean soil, Cuba reaffirmed its intention to promote historic relations between the two countries.

In December last year, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Connell congratulated newly elected Gabriel Bori on Twitter, describing the will as a historic victory.

The Cuban president said at the time on social media that he recognized the bilateral relations and the desire to expand cooperation between the people and the government.

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