July 14, 2024

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Chile: Gabriel Borick has been sworn in as the new president

Chile: Gabriel Borick has been sworn in as the new president

Gabriel Borick was sworn in as Chile’s new president on Friday. Photo: AFP

Gabriel Borick was sworn in as Chile’s new president this Friday for a four – year term in which his main challenge will be to implement the profound transformation of the country he promised.

“In front of the Chilean people and people: yes, I promise,” Borick declared, asking if Senator Alvaro Elizalde had promised to faithfully carry out the post and protect the nation’s independence and preserve it. Constitution and laws.

Borick, the youngest president in Chile’s history at the age of 36, received President Sash and Piocha (badge) from the hands of outgoing President Sebastian Pinera at a ceremony at the country’s headquarters. Congress, located in Valparaiso.

The new president, who did not wear a black suit, white shirt and tie, was always smiling. While the action was going on, he raised his fist and placed his right hand on his heart and bowed.

After taking office, Borick took office in a cabinet he appointed, headed by women, who headed 14 of the 24 ministries.
“There are more women than men in this cabinet and I am very proud that this is a feminist cabinet,” the president said.

The event had a low call due to protocols established by the Corona virus infection. So, unlike the 1,400 people who witnessed Piñera’s inauguration in 2018, this time only 500 people attended.

Among the guests were Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina; Bolivia, Louis Ars; Colombia, Evan Duke; Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso; Paraguay, Mario Apto Benitez; Peru, Pedro Castillo; Dominican Republic, Louis Abidner; And Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou; And King Philip VI of Spain.

Hamilton Mauro, Vice President of Brazil; And Gustavo Pedro, the leading left-wing candidate in the run-up to the May presidential election in Colombia.

Outside the Assembly Palace, Borik issued a brief statement to reporters.

“I am very excited at this moment, a great sense of responsibility and duty that we have in front of the Chilean people. Know that we are going to do our best to meet the challenges we face as a nation,” he said.

The program of the elected president began this Friday with breakfast with the leaders of the neighboring countries at the Presidential Palace in Cerro Castillo. There, shortly afterwards, he received the cabinet to begin his administration and with whom the first joint official photo was taken.

After taking office, Boric Zero Castillo returned to the Presidential Palace, received the honors of the Presidential Guard of Carabineros and welcomed visiting heads of state and delegates from other countries.

In the afternoon, he will return to Santiago, where he will deliver his first speech as President from one of the balconies of the Palacio de la Moneda (Presidential Headquarters).

Pinara, for his part, received his last honor as head of state at the Palacio de la Monet in Santiago this morning.

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“Today is Party Day of Democracy (…) and I congratulate President Gabriel Borick and his government,” he said.

He also mentioned that he was leaving the post with mixed feelings.

“On the one hand I feel the nostalgia and pride of the Chileans. And a sense of duty was fulfilled, because in the depths of my soul I felt that we, the Cilians, knew how to face all the hardships that came our way with courage, nobility, and determination, despite many difficulties. “, He confirmed.

(With RT Spanish info)