June 23, 2024

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Curette for gastroenteritis: Residents should not use tap water anywhere

Curette for gastroenteritis: Residents should not use tap water anywhere

At the end of the week, according to the regional governor of Thessaly, Dimitris Kouretas, we will learn more about gastroenteritis in the communities of the municipality of Riga Ferraios, Risomilos and Stefanovikiou.

Until the end of the week, due to the detection of microorganisms and the outbreak of gastroenteritis, citizens are advised not to use tap water under any circumstances, said Dimitris Gouretas of ERT. “They don’t even wash their hands, only in the toilet, nothing else. They will drink the water that we and the municipality have been providing in bottles since yesterday[…] If they want to use water, they boil it for three minutes at 100 degrees assuming they need to wash their hands, they don’t have anything else, no shower or anything. Only in the toilet bowl”, said Dimitris Gouretas.

“Services were called on 5/31 with EODY[…] There seemed to be problems with both the mains and the tank. there Patterns of microbial markers of faecal origin And the Salmonella microorganism was also identified,” he continued.

The governor of Thessaly said what caused the problems in the water supply network.Will know by the end of the week. Now I have scenes in my head, but I can’t tell them because I haven’t confirmed them. When will be confirmed by the end of the week[…] We will tell you exactly how it happened and, if necessary, the responsibilities will be attributed to those who hold them.”

“The investigation is not over, it will be over in a week, because a lot of work needs to be done, to analyze the samples and mainly to find out how it came from. Where did it come from? Did it come from a network, did it come from a tank, did it come from both? We are opening the country’s first modern civil defense center from today. , I must add here that they are bound within the structure of this centre. Mayors should have cameras everywhere where tanks are located We can understand exactly what is happening[…]”, said the regional governor.

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